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  • xtgeminiman Mar 6, 2012 6:39 PM Flag

    Hey Cramer how is that Pandora call you made doing?

    I've only read "Mad Money" and he says there that he made a lot of his money on MRK calls where he basically had "inside information".

    He even admits that his wife is a much better investor than he ever was. He's got a lot of good ideas (particularly when it comes to sector rotation and picking bottoms) but there's probably a reason he's a television personality...

    CNBC exists SOLELY to generate ratings. Don't forget that.

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    • cramer is a good guy.

      leaving the biz was the best he ever did,
      he reclaimed his soul.

      his wife is the true trader,
      cramer has never been a true trader.
      he's a terrible trader.

      he is manic. he is possessed.
      can be extremely tiresome at times,
      but in a good way.

      his manic conduct has certainly led to big probs over the years, and he is aware of it.

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      • There is no "defense" of that ahole.
        He made money be being a "lie, steal and cheat" just like Goldman Sacks and the rest.
        GS got bailed out or they'd be like Lehman, bankrupt and out of business.
        They also liked to their clients and sell on inside information.

        You wait and see how the story unfolds and how they'll (and Cramer) are remembered.

        Everybody alive today is paying for their crimes and sins..

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