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  • xtgeminiman Mar 14, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    Apple blow off top today

    It meets all the criteria now. Just needs to hit a big tech level to initiate a sell-off. The fall to 550 should be swift. Lower from there.

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    • I see gargantuan risk for the markets in Apple's pump, everybody's jumping on board and when it fails, it's going to hit alot of people hard...

      Somebody, anybody, name any other instance in market history where this many people were on the same side of a trade and it ended well...

      We're in the new age of bubbles...

      Solar industry
      Gold (imo)
      Student loans

      And Banks behind of all of them, until they pulled the rug out per calender schedule...

    • Apple jumps based on a ruling against Samsung, and speculators then extend this news to the belief that every android phone sold will earn apple $15+ royalty.

      This is a market of lunacy.

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