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  • steve515050 steve515050 Jul 22, 2012 3:17 PM Flag

    Her come the " Gun control " morons !

    1. Mayor " Bloomberg "

    2. Senator Diane " Feinstein "

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    • So we disarm the public citizens before the government kills them? This is what happened in history. Why would we do it again?

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      • Simply because: History repeats.

        And, when I was a kid in school, I didn't like history very much. Most it was about violence and killings/wars.

        I was much more interested in the Future, but some told me it wasn't possible to "know" what it was.


        Unfortunately, I'm seeing same stuff, different day, so to speak, in our modern world.

        A wise person once said something about those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.

        I want better for myself, and my offspring. Don't you?

    • Ready. Aim. Fire.

      With your Voting Power.

      Guns don't kill people.

      I had one which sat in a drawer for years, and it was finally sold by another person; albeit, to purchase a 9mm v the 6 shooter S&W.

      I couldn't hit anything other than my own foot with either, but he thought a clip was better than running outta bullets on 6 rounds.

      If another with a gun was dueling with me, they'd win. No need to ever fire a shot, on either side.

      How Dull would that be?

      Doesn't everyone want to go out in a Blaze of Stupidity, and have it preached up at the funeral as a Blaze of Glory?

      Sometimes, I simply think. Other times, I simply know. It's not a bad life. Simply very different.

    • If we all were allowed to wear guns on our hips, massacres like this - by a single individual - would not happen ... or, at the very least, be minimized.

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      • You must be kidding!

        Fact: more guns mean more deaths. Forget Colorado. Look at the data.

        More gunowners kill THEMSELVES with their own guns than any intruder in their homes.

        Suicides by gun trump any self-defense use.


        The CHILDREN and ADOLESCENTS of gunowners kill
        THEMSELVES with their parents's guns more than the parents kill intruders into their home.

        Accidental deaths of CHILDREN and suicides of
        ADOLESCENTS trump any self-defense use in the home.

        That's a fact. Check it out since you gun-nuts won't believe anything I say anyways. SAVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM YOUR OWN GUNS!!!

        You need guns for SELF-DEFENSE or DEFENSE of YOUR CHILDREN????? What a joke! You are the MORON!!!

      • Didn't Archie Bunker have the same idea? He said the way to prevent hijackings on airplanes was to give everyone on the plane a gun:-). The fact is if you knew that your fellow man was packing, there would be little to no violent crime. Do you ever see someone walking in to hold up a gun shop?

    • Dont fall for it

      Guns are to protect citizens from a tyrannical government

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      • Thank you! Someone who gets it! Our founding fathers made sure we have the right to bear arms for exactly that reason. Would all the anti gun people like to live in Nazi Germany? Millions rounded up, sent to camps and murdered because they had no means to defend themselves. Anyone who supports government taking away your liberties had better think twice.

    • I can tell from the responses that most of you either don't own or like guns and are clueless what the laws are in the states that have the highest gun related crime rates. NY, MA, IL, MD and CA have the strictest gun laws yet have the highest gun related crime rates.

      The point no one seems to understand is that the legality of gun ownership or what types of guns you should be able to own have nothing to do with criminals who use guns. Drugs are illegal too but they are everywhere. Making something illegal doesn't do a thing to stop crime. A criminal will get a gun no matter what and if they are a convicted felon, they aren't allowed to legally own a gun anyway but the law is broken anyway. A criminal doesn't care, a gun is a tool of his trade. Do you think a 16 year old with a gun in the inner cities owns it legally?

      So because some nut case goes off, the rest of us should lose our rights to own guns? Really? How about the next time some nut uses his car to kill someone we ban everyone from have a car. How about knives? Do you know what the #1 murder weapon is in this country? Bare hands!

      I live in NY, I can't just walk in and buy a hand gun. I have to have a permit and each handgun I buy has to be approved by a judge before I can pick it up. We are restricted to 10 round magazines as well for rifles or handguns. My pistol permit is not valid in NYC, that means I can be arrested for having a handgun in NYC even though I own it legally. The penalty would be the same for me as some punk who bought a gun in the street.

      Taking guns away from people just because a few nut jobs go off is not right. I don't want to live in a society where only the criminals, police and military have guns. Had there been a person in that theater with a gun that could have taken the shooter down we would be hailing a hero who stopped a tragedy. We all have a right to defend ourselves and the right to bear arms is key to our freedom. Go too far and you line up like Nazi Germany where you get rounded up and sent to camps because you are defenseless. No thank you, I'd like to be able to defend myself if needed.

      Those anti gun liberals are hypocrites because when they call a cop they want him to show up with a gun! So maybe the next time a cop or soldier goes off the reservation and shoots a bunch of people we should take their guns away too, right? Smarten up people, no law will prevent a deranged person from carrying out and act like this, legal guns or not. FYI, it is illegal to build bombs but that didn't stop this sicko, did it?

    • you guys are missing the point.
      sure the guy could've found another way to kill those people. but you don't make it simple enough for someone to buy an assault gun and 6000 rounds "legally".
      and regardless of whether shooting incidents like this happened or not, there should be laws around dictating what "type" of guns and weapons should be sold "legally"

      HARD DRUGS should be banned. Not everyone is as responsible as you think and there are emotional consequences to people around the victim.

      Not everything in society can be balanced by market forces. Otherwise what is the point of law. Every instance where one person has the capability of harming others should be under the perview of law.

    • Being rabidly in favor of gun ownership is no better. Just saying.

    • Spaceturtle, I agree with you. The posters on this thread seem to have the premis that if gun registration were required that the Aurora tragedy would have been prevented.

      You're right in that he could have used bombs or other weapons. Think about it, guns were invented around 1400 a.d. or so and were'nt common until the late 1700's. People were killing people long before guns were around.

    • A gun is a tool just like a hammer. if this guy ran in to the theater swing a hammer he my have killed 5 people depending on how determined he was. So my question is if he ran around swinging a hammer or an ax would we be here disgussing ax and hammer control laws?

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      • how disconnected people are from reality. really astonishes me.

        a tool is not responsible for killing. everyone knows that.
        but don't provide such tools of destruction to anyone. why, using the same logic it would be ok to sell grenades, missiles, nuclear weapons to normal people. they wouldn't use it if they were crazy, right... Also, several hard drugs are banned even if alcohol/tobacco are legal. it all boils down to how lethal something is and how quickly it kills. Our society has picked its poison.

        Assault guns are much more lethal than a hammer and therefore should be banned. if someone wants guns for defence, allow only a long rifle which would be visible and can hold limited ammo.

        Gun control (not ban) coupled with crackdown on illegal weapons will make America safer.

    • you fool , too bad it wasn't one of your kids instead of these poor people ... you could rub and kiss your gun all night and go to the burial the next day.

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