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  • pjw1857 pjw1857 Jul 27, 2012 8:26 AM Flag

    Mitt Romney is an absolute IDIOT


    what the h e l l was he thinking over there in Great Britain? If he couldn't say anything nice about their Olympic preparations and the Games, all he had to do was keep his mouth shut. But no, he had to go and insult an entire nation. This guy is frickin clueless. He might just as well pack his bags and return home, his whole trip to Europe to show his presidential acumen has been completely destroyed and in a shambles. To quote Lildude "UNREAL"!!!!!!!!

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    • Your a pathetic medical go change the table paper in exam room # 5, and then unclog the toilet in the patient bathroom ! After that you can start putting charts back in the file room...that is all !

    • Move,i tried to reply but yahoo backs romney i guess. lol I will get back to you on that.

    • lordy,

      Saying you must have respect for an office regardless of who's in it is foolish.

      Did the war-hating Germans disrespect the Office of Chancellor because they didn't agree with Hitler??

      I will respect the office of the president when we get someone that COMMANDS my respect..

      I'll bet you hate Romney because you disagree with him..

      And that..

      Makes you a hating hypocrite..

    • Who cares about the English anyway, those people are a strange lot to begin with!

    • There is a lot of that going around. Unfortunately, campaigns just add fuel to the fire.

    • project33 Jul 27, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

      The nerve of the guy to offer well-informed advice that could potentially save lives. Should have just insulted the legacy of Churchill, hugged the queen, and given her an ipod preloaded with his speeches.

    • I agree and he is one of the intelligent people in our country.

      Work in a place like I have for 8 years and then you will see what I mean. I had the worst four consecutive visits in my time here yesterday.

      My first four visits after lunch yesterday--

      Visit 1) 19 year old male on medical assistance that I had seen the day before who demanded to be seen again and that I "urgently" refer him to a surgeon to have his hemorrhoids removed. I explained to him that he had one of the smallest internal hemorrhoids that I have found and that he did not need to see a surgeon. He stated that he had been on a hemorrhoid support forum online and that the "experts" there said he should get the hemorrhoid removed.
      Visit 2--59 year old male. I saw this gentleman 1.5 years ago and sent him for evaluation of diffuse lymphadenopathy. He had CLL and was told that he needed to give up crack smoking and alcohol and go through chemo and would likely have a good outcome. He declined and said he would rather die and smoke crack and drink. So now he's actively dying and walked in to the office.
      Visit 3--26 yo female in for the complaint of "injuring my finger while opening a Propel water bottle". She wanted a note covering her for 6 days of work since she is on the welfare to work program--uh, No.
      Visit 4--19 yo female with complaints of rectal bleeding after inserting a hair brush in while having some sort of sex act.

      People are really dumb and they are just getting worse.

    • lets compare his net worth to yours and see whose clueless

    • xtgeminiman Jul 27, 2012 9:02 AM Flag

      LOL! You're probably the same person who complains about all the "lying politicians in Washington" too. Hypocrit.

    • How is he an idiot? He said what he thought, and it wasn't even bad. He never said they werent ready just a few items of concern. Have we become just a pansy society that a little opinion gets our panties in a wad? The Brits just needs to get over it ffs.

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