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  • yirich815 yirich815 Sep 2, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    Bernanke Put Firmly In Place?

    He is supposed to knows it. Nobody would think he is that dumb.

    Since Greenspan, FED has too much confidence about what's gonna happen in the future.
    ( Some here say "Don't fight FED !" )

    I am actually so worried about the results of misjudgement by those Elite group.

    I guess we might risk everything on just a handful of so-called intelligentsia.

    He seems to try to dilute U$ to the extreme as far as the plain endure.

    But, who are so sure he know the point of no return ?

    In 60 minutes, he mentioned he could raise interest rates within 30 minutes in emergent situation.
    I don't know what makes him so confident if situation is that emergent, he could easily take care that.

    Maybe he is almighty ... :)

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