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  • dabrogg dabrogg Sep 19, 2012 2:00 PM Flag

    Which Lesser are you leaning toward?

    Did you find the price of oil when the war started? It wasn't $147 was it!
    And, did Bush start the war all by himself,?
    Did the guy he defeated say:" I would have done just about the same thing" when asked about Iraq and did he not in fact, like the majority of Congress, VOTE TO INVADE IRAQ?
    Yes Jon Kerry Mr. Catchup did say exactly that and did vote to go to war.
    Facts are something to which you might want to introduce yourself, unless of course you are hopelessly addicted to the koolaide.

    Yahoo is so screwed up because I ignored you due to your absurdly stupid comments, but I guess like a bad case of the crabs, they keep coming back

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    • Again I would remind you that oil never reached as much as $40/ barrel until Bush bombed Iraq. After he started the war, with his phony 'weapons of mass destruction' scare, oil prices skyrocketed and never returned. You can research that for yourself if you do not believe it.

      I am sorry if you think facts are stupid, but that is your problem; not mine.

      My ignore function works just fine. Maybe you should try yours again.

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