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  • thinchris thinchris Dec 8, 2012 10:23 PM Flag

    Anyone know how i can make a steady profit in this market?

    I have REIT's and TIPS which are steady but too slow. I'm conservative and not looking to get rich. Looking to make some profit even in a down market..maybe high dividend funds?
    Any help? Thanks

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    • All I know is when you figure it out, its extremely hard to trade at first. Because you will find yourself thinking this cant be right, it cant be this easy, but it is.

    • I think, we are looking at a melt-up into Jan & Feb as last year. The big boys are rolling back in to the DOW stocks and their usual previous darlings, i.e. MON, NOC, etc.

      I am looking at MCD JAN13 $85 Calls @ $4.20, delta = .79. It looks as if they are melting-up MCD back to $93/sh. The corrections on the way up should be ever-so shallow. Close on Friday was $88.48/sh. I'm looking at a $4.50/sh rise, without probably having to sweat it too much.

      Possible, couple bucks on a bounce on trashed FCX. FCX JAN13 $29.50 calls @ $2.95, delta = .74.

      DDM (PROSHARES DOW), DDM JAN13 $67 Calls @$4.55, delta = .7638.

      The DOW stocks should have shallow A-B-Cs if any.

      I already added (15) NOC JAN13 CALLs last week, for a melt-up back to it's highs. NOC is a heavy govt. intelligence contractor and market "darling". I see a melt-up to at least $70 or higher, another +$2.50/sh.

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    • Open a futures account with as little as 1400 dollars and trade S&P 500 Mini Futures everyday as a daytrader. The account will grow quickly and you will make gains of over $600.00 each week. How does that sound?

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      • Lately, the future's market having been giving anything away. The big surges have come during the trading session. Now, the "surges" are in the 100-160 range on the DOW, less on the SPX.
        That's probably because the "melt-up" is centered on only a few stocks. The DOW's easier to move up with only 30 stocks. NYC's probably having a harder time, making those "big ones"? but he's got a good system to know which way the wind's blowing, ahead of anyone else. Though, the big boys, as of late, don't seem to want to give away the show, till the actual trading session.

        Margin requirements (from Interactive Brokers) for the YMs (ECBOT) are $1250/contract for the session, initial overnight = $3125 of margin per contract. For the ES minis (GLOBEX) $1750 for the session, $4375 for initial overnight. Minimum account at IB = $10,000.

        Since the movements in the indexes is now much shallower, it's harder to make those ducats on futures at $5 or $50 a point. U'd have to watch that ticker 24hrs/day.

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      • Sounds too good to be true. Knowing me i'lll probably lose $600 each week. Thanks, i'll look into it.

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