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  • czarinaofcamelyacht czarinaofcamelyacht Dec 9, 2012 12:47 AM Flag

    Why do I have the impression that many posters here are one, using different id's?

    Call me a Skeptic, but I have a few email addys myself; all which I've used and smart folks would be able to backtrack. I'm not hidin' anything. Matter of of fact, I'm probably sayin' much that 'Some' don't like bein' know to the general masses.


    And I believe that most of you are well versed in some sorta military or government speak, to know what that 2 lettered acronym means.

    Tomorrow will be yet another wonderful and sunny Sunday in Los Angeles, CA. GOD Bless America, and you and me too.

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    • There are a few who are extremely abusive of this technique. Two off the top of my head are:

      spx.trader and today's johnarmy.

      The latter idiot changes his ID constantly and babbles the same formulaic anti conservative political and personal nonsensical dialogue constantly. He is thus easily identified regardless of his latest ID.

      Spx.trader has at least 6 IDs that I have identified. He uses them to respond to his own posts and carry on supportive conversations with himself of his own cryptic nonsense. He almost never engages anyone else on any topic but himself. He posts voluminously sometimes and mostly comes out late at night.

      These two appear mentally ill.

      And then there are the mockers. You can identify them by their blatantly disrespectful ID choices, all of which are additional IDs to some other main ID. They flaunt authority and/or attempt to abuse other posters of whom they are obviously jealous for whatever reasons via the new made up IDs.

      Many of these have to be very young posters. Either that or extremely immature adults with no other outlets in their life but internet blogging: ie, shutins and more mentally ill, with way too much time on their hands.

      It’s mostly just a sick and immature few as far as I can tell. Of course, I don’t spend as much time on this board as I do another board. I’m actually describing my experience on both boards. But I would guess it’s probably the same on most of the boards.

      Even you, czarina my dear, are a little "out there" too. But for some reason I like you. You make me miss good old LA. A bet you're a hot looking babe too.

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      • You might have almost made some sorta sense, when describing yourself/other posters. Until you dragged out the "mentally ill" tag.

        You see; in Real Life, most families, friends, employers, etc., would never toss that label onto a person whom they know well. Simply because it would be armchair doctoring, and a reflection upon their own gene pool. The Pot can't be callin' the kettle a name, etc.

        Most of us have times in our lives where we might do something stupid, or made a poor choice, or might have been physically ill, and unable to pay attention to details due to pain, puking, or being comatose, etc.

        I found it Absolutely Fascinating that my very own family, and former loving spouse tried to hang that "mentally ill" tag on me; until my Mom had a massive stroke, and I became one of her Caregivers.

        How hypocritical is that? I'm supposedly some sorta Nutter, and a Bad Mother, and my Parental Rights were revoked by the Alaska Court System.

        But I was perfectly capable, and very able to do full time Caregiving to my seriously ill and Hospice Patient Mother, in the state of Oregon. I'd call that a build to suit situation. BTW, she went off Hospice Care, because she Improved to a degree that left them almost speechless, and without a Medicare chargeable patient.

    • really? lol. I'd say "most" think TS stands for transsexual. see the post below

      but where else can you find the reason behind high cattle prices?

      blue skies and low humidity forever...

      sole id member of the spy sandbox

    • Get urself a back door smoothie...dey R sooooooo gud.

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