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  • dabrogg dabrogg Dec 21, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    NRA asks a question to which the trolls have no answer

    America protects its money, its banks, its politicians,its president,its sports events, America protects just about every major event with armed security. Yet the progressive loons that run the public schools actually post signs outside schools that say "Gun Free ZONE. Which is another way of saying: WELCOME YOU CRIMINAL GUN TOTING #$%$. Why do the liberal trolls refuse to protect American innocent American children? Because the liberal trolls run public education. The solution is private vouchers to compete with the monopoly of liberal education. If the progressive loons want to send their kids to schools without security, let em. Let America choose and I guarantee the liberal trolls will not only Vote For Guns in School they will vote for gun education and training in school.
    LMAO@progressive trolls. . .

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    • Every school has a few gym teachers or athletic coaches who could/should have a couple of 12 gauge shotguns handy in a locker, which can be broken out against a shooter. No extra money need be spent, no need to militarize the feel of the school. In the same vein as what happened to airline travel when a few terrorists caused us to adopt suffocating security measures.

      No human problem has an absolute failproof solution, so why waste a lot of angst over it, or overengineer a big government powerplay we can neither afford or enjoy.

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      • You say; No human problem has an absolute failproof solution,

        I agree your statement represents an inexorably unassailable conclusion, nevertheless you are still confronted by those who are in possession of knowledge that us mere mortals cannot possess. These individuals are steadfast in the knowledge they have the solution. That solution is more laws, more government and more restrictions of those ideas they abhor.

        Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990
        Yep, we definitely need more laws like this to solve the problem;

    • In what way would you arm the school guards to protect against the bushmasters?

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      • Grenades

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      • You ask; How would you arm the school guards,,,, . Maybe with guns? Kinda like they do at most every event that has any level of security? Ya Think?

        What I find very telling is while the question remains; WHY do we not secure our schools? The only responses are ah hominem attacks. Why ? Because the question threatens the progressive hold on the public education system. There is no question that public education is run By Liberals For Liberals. But even liberals demand an end to monopolies and cite the fact for example, that Big Oil needs more competition. Yep, competition is good except in that liberal run dynasty of public education.

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