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  • acecentura acecentura Dec 28, 2012 6:44 AM Flag


    Winter 1972 That's your correlation

    Simple cyclic repetition

    If the top wasn't 1478 then it won't be much longer

    this time next year,or into april 2014 spx should be at 1101

    and then the drop comes into 2015

    simple cycles

    with everyone's constant rhetoric suggesting other

    extremely amusing

    have a good day all

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    • Really? Stagflation? Middle class getting squeezed!

    • More recent correlations coinciding with the above are;

      3/00' and 3/07' (+/- a couple weeks)

      3 to 6 months the top should be in

      a year from now we should be at roughly the same level

      into April 2014 making the top of the R/S

      and then we crash ala 08' and 09'

      that's plenty of time to make more $$$$$

      then get yer friends/family and selves OUT of the market

      The only caveat to the above

      is If we get the 18 to 20% correction next
      as we should per the pattern made since 666 low

      if we do, that should extend the rounding over head making process that much longer

      if we don't get the correction NOW

      then the above correlations and forecast stand
      and will play out

      gl all

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      • To clarify:
        For the third time since the 7 (July) / 09' low
        the DJI,SPX,and the RUT a couple points shy.
        (don't mind it's triple top)
        have all completed their standard point/pattern gains
        which heretofore preceded the nominal 18% correction.

        It is time for that 18% correction.
        It should come NOW.

        IMO, The only thing keeping that correction from occurring NOW
        is if this is the final parabolic wave 5 up.

        Which if this is the final wave 5 up completing the bull run from 09'
        similarly to wave 1,it will bypass the normal correction.

        Hopefully soon, we'll know for certain.

    • But the FED is manipulating and propping. Market should be down considerably from where it is now but with interest rates near zero and the lions share retiring in under 5 years the market has to stay up and the fed will make sure. QE has absolutely no expiration date here... I expect 2013 to be a great year for stocks. Oh, the crash will come, but not soon.

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