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  • nyctom_2000 nyctom_2000 Dec 29, 2012 10:32 PM Flag

    Republicans Have To Cave (They Are Boxed In)


    Republicans will have to agree to some sort of short term cliff deal or else they with have to accept a lessor deal (the Obama Plan) or they will have to filibuster the Obama Plan in both the Senate and the House. If they filibuster the Obama pan, then all Americans will see less in their paycheck starting in the first week of 2013. If that happens, you will not see a single Republican returning to the House or the Senate when the next mid term elections roll around.

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    • Nothing has changed people. It does not matter if it's the last chance before something happens. Congressmen only care about their voting record. They simply aren't going to vote for Obama's spending spree to continue because it's not going to be on their record.

      Look at tarp for crying out loud, everyone thought it would pass, everyone agreed it had to pass, it didn't pass because they didn't want it on their record. Personally, I think we'd be better off running over the cliff. Bring it on. There are worse things than recession and that's where we're going.

    • 1. There is no filibuster option in the House.

      2. The Republicans will not cave. It is irresponsible.

      3. Obama is willing to sacrifice the country to accomplish his personal agenda, which is fundamentally changing the fabric of the United States of America - to him a higher goal than the economy.

      We will go over the cliff.

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      • It will pass. We aren't going over a cliff. Don't be ridiculous.

      • You think politicians won't cave because "it's irresponsible"? LOL, you're cute. :)

        The Republicans have their backs against the wall, because if no deal is passed tomorrow, Obama will put *his* plan to a vote. Then they either have to accept his plan, or vote it down and get the blame for the pain caused by the fiscal cliff. Plus, no fiscal cliff plan means higher taxes. Republicans bluster about controlling spending, but they're just as big spenders as the Democrats. It's taxes that they really don't like. They'll get a few bones thrown their way, then concede the rest, because it would be politically damaging not to have a deal. The tea party contingent will vote against it, but Boehner will browbeat enough of his minions to get it passed.

    • between a rock and a hard place - america and obama in front of them, grover nordquist behind them! eeek!

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