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  • nyctom_2000 nyctom_2000 Jan 13, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    TheWatcher3434 I Got Another Assignment For You (golfrattt2000)


    You did such a spot on assessment of kibbles, I wondered if you could do another psychological profile of golfrattt2000 for the benefit of myself and the board. Although golfrattt2000 has not lost touch of reality the same way kibbles has, I think he may be a bigger threat to society considering he has already threatened to kill at least one other board member that I know of.

    As you may know, I started a Facebook page about a week ago to avoid having to deal with the board trolls when trying to talk about the market. One of the first guys who stopped by was golfrattt2000. Golfrattt2000 was one of at least two aliases that this guy has used on the Yahoo message board. One of his other aliases that he used on the Yahoo message board threatened to kill another board member. He does not use that alias anymore (probably because the target of his death threat complained to Yahoo).

    When golfrattt2000 first came to my Facebook page, he hit a bottom on my Facebook page indicating that he liked my Facebook page and also left a few messages. He then left a weird message that he wished that I had set the Facebook page up under my real name instead of NYCTom_2000. Right off the bat I got the creeps from this guy. With the said, I was willing to let bygones be bygones.

    Then last night I was checking out the Yahoo message board and found this strange post from golfrattt2000 which came out of the blue.

    "Re: Kibbles Now Comparing Himself To God (Oh Boy)

    by golfrattt2000.Jan 12, 2013 9:25 PM.

    Tom, on one hand you want to get away from all these guys, and yet you're back here continually posting for some reason..

    You either have nothing better to do, or you;re as bad as they are...

    Personally, i think your FB idea is good but it's not a discussion of the market. It's based on conversation around how YOU'RE trading. No thanks. I haven't spent every waking moment for the last 5 years learning the market and finding my own voice in it to simply follow the picks of someone i don't know...

    It's definitely troubling that you're continually posting in a place you claim you want to get away from, yet constantly return to. I think you sound a lot like sheafeadam. Tremendously self-absorbed but even more, narcissistic.."

    I then responed to him that he was now banned from my Facebook page and he then wrote this strange post.

    "Re: Re: Re: Kibbles Now Comparing Himself To God (Oh Boy)

    by golfrattt2000.Jan 12, 2013 11:14 PM.

    Lol, would i have posted this if i WANTED to post there anymore...??

    Tommy boy, you are bizarre. Your FB page isn't a sharing of ideas, it's all about you posting to your gospel. there's NO sharing of ideas. It's 'let's listen to NYC talk and we'll listen..

    You're bizarre, truly bizarre. Do you have any friends..? You post 24 hours a day, half of it

    2/3rds of your trade posts have been

    WTH are you doing on the Spy board posting..? AFTER you said you were

    What the eff. why are you here...? Go AWAY. Stay on FB and preach to your"

    The first question I have for you is whether this guy is a threat to me given that he has already threatened to kill another poster on the board (by the way, the guy he threatened is still alive). If you do think he is a threat to me, should I contact anyone in law enforcement so that they can have a "friendly talk" with this guy so that nothing gets out of control. Thanks for you good work on the board.

    This topic is deleted.
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