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  • golfrattt2000 golfrattt2000 Jan 22, 2013 10:57 PM Flag

    Take a look at a 6 month Spy chart. Oh My #$%$ God..

    What the HELL is going on..??

    So, do you think that all the talking heads are chatting away...

    All giddy because THIS time is different. The Financials are SOLID compared to 4 yrs ago (of course, just ignore those off balance sheet liabilities and that $150 trill in derivatives)

    Christ, i never even HEARD of an off balance sheet liability until 2 yrs ago. Kind of like Non-Gaap earnings numbers. (why do we have general accepted accounting principles that are NON's..??)

    Yeah, gotta LOVE those housing numbers, this is the year..!! (I think we all know that the price of ANYTHING will go up if you take it off the shelf and hide it in the stock room)

    Yep, Hello 1500. Everything's hunky dory (Jack, are we gettin' our hedge on, yeah..!)

    Bring it on...!!

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