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  • veloocity2000 veloocity2000 Jan 29, 2013 1:47 PM Flag


    Ben Bernanke's self-interest-agenda and glamorization of Wall Street will certainly go down in history as one of the darkest periods 'ever' for "free market capitalism". Never has there been such an intensive effort to glorify and reward the very same people that premeditatively destroyed more private wealth than any previous nation on earth. As bizarre as this sounds, the only comparison that can be factually made would be the rise of Hitler’s Germany whereas an entire Continent was brought to its knees by a madman; for me, Bernanke's agenda is frankly no different -- this man will destroy an entire generation just as he has split American society into the "those that have and those that will not". Bernanke is indeed a 'financial terrorist' and the results of his Grand Plan are taking hold everyday as he 'prints' his New World Order! You may not think it now but I guarantee you, if Bernanke's Regime continues he will indeed 'deliver' an entire nation into the hands of the most corrupt and disingenuous people on this planet … WALL STREET BANKERS!

    Since March 2009 Bernanke has essentially lead a group (known as mindless buttlickers) into sanctioning the greatest money printing scheme in the history of the known civilized world. In just over 3 years he has placed upon the backs of ‘every person’ in America over $52,000 dollars in debt … that’s every man, woman and child. He has destroyed the entire ‘value of savings’ for a generation … millions of people. Has called the “doubling’ of a gallon a gas transitory along with nearly a triple in basic food costs and energy. He has orchestrated the placement of more than $3 TRILLION DOLLARS onto the ‘balance sheets’ of the richest people in the history of this country, that’s the richest people ever! He has covertly managed through ‘depository swaps’ the funding of virtually every ‘failed’ bank in Europe including those found guilty of ‘money laundering for terrorist, fraud, weapons sales to Regimes supporting genocide, illegal drug consortiums and those literally responsible for the murder of millions of children.’ He has labeled his ‘sick agenda’ as ‘stimulus’ claiming publically … “I regret that some will be harmed by our actions but ‘it’ is for the future benefit of the greater good’ … whatever the hell that is suppose to mean!

    We sit here with more than 23 million people unemployed, only 12 million are reported because the BLS does not count those that ‘don’t give a chit anymore’. Over 11 million vacant homes, an additional 3.5 million hidden on the books of banks that claim them as ‘assets based upon 2006 value!’ 2 in 5 people on some form of Government assistance – 128 million! More than half the nation receiving Food Stamps. 800,000 children (under the age of 16) living in Motels. The highest suicide rate in the entire history of our Armed Services. And here we have Bernanke, printing $85 BILLION DOLLARS per/month and HANDING-IT to WALL STREET! Financial Terrorist is an understatement.

    Go ahead, enjoy the best January stock market in more than 16 years … rejoice that every week in 2013 has been UP for the major indices. Be happy that ‘financial engineering’ has resulted in 60+% of the reporting firms ‘beating estimates’ that were ‘lowered three previous times’. Don’t be surprised that the 3 best performing stocks YTD have been Netflix, Dell and Best Buy, and Apple the #1 best short! That’s your so-called stock market, your so-called Free Market Capitalism. That’s what having Bernanke’s head up your butt has done for you and this country.

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    • Repeat on GDP and that lunatic Bernanke's comments today!

    • lusob09 Jan 29, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

      One thing is totally clear; you don't have a f clue how to trade and make money.

      All you do is post nonsense. You have yet to provide us your current trades, you have yet to post your trades real time.

      So what kind of idiot would believe your bs without proof.

    • xtgeminiman Jan 29, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

      Very well-educated post. Bernanke is a financial terrorist and his careless actions jeopardize most of the developed world.

    • Reposted in response to the daily 3 o'clock illusion injection.

    • Just another example ... everyone too busy watching TMZ and checking out how short Britney Spears's skirt was at church last Sunday.

      It is an injustice in its own right to allow those with power and wealth to commit destructive crimes with impunity. It subverts democracy and warps the justice system when a person's treatment under the law is determined not by their acts but by their power, position, and prestige. And it exposes just how shameful is the American penal state by contrasting the immunity given to the nation's most powerful with the merciless and brutal punishment meted out to its most marginalized.

      The real mystery from all of this is that it has not led to greater social unrest. To some extent, both the early version of the Tea Party and the Occupy movements were spurred by the government's protection of Wall Street at the expense of everyone else.

      Still, Americans continue to be plagued by massive unemployment, foreclosures, the threat of austerity and economic insecurity while those who caused those problems have more power and profit than ever. And they watch millions of their fellow citizens be put in cages for relatively minor offenses while the most powerful are free to commit far more serious crimes with complete impunity. Far less injustice than this has spurred serious unrest in other societies.

      To a large extent, the head of the snake is Ben Bernanke who funds on a daily basis the continued activities of Wall Street drug dealers as they prospect the 'retail community'.

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      • And thank you for the reminder.

        I wonder if a person walked down the street and asked passerby's if they knew the name Jon Corzine. How many people would know the name?

        As to the question; Why he in not in Jail, let alone charged with any crime is proof positive the law is selectively applied to those in the class of the politically powerful and leaves little in the way of doubt that:: In America, you get all the justice you can afford.

        What would you suppose the response would be if , while strolling down the street , a passerby was asked something like: What do you think of the Benghazi?

        I'd bet the response could be something like; "Oh, I think it is a great car, Mercedes isn't it? Don't snoop doggie dog got one of em?"

        Is the opiate of the masses, religion, or massive ignorance and indolence?

      • The longer a market goes up without correcting, the faster it will fall, so just sit tight. Markets fall twice as fast as they rise, for fear is much stronger than greed.

    • I truly wished that more people in America had the same perspective and knowledge of what is going on as you do. Only bankers realize it and this is why things are going as long as they have. Iceland, is the only country that saw through it all and acted upon it.

    • Footnote: For the slow readers and half-brain #$%$ buying this scam called a market, be alerted to one of the most important facts you'll ever discover in your entire life ... YOU OWN A PILE OF CHIT!!!

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