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  • piezodude piezodude Jan 31, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Trade deficits are skyrocketing and they keep talkign about a healing labor market.

    Baloney! They have to create $650 B a year to compensate. 10 years, $6.5 B. Liquidity sucking sound. No jobs!. We need tariffs equal to the trade deficit and a feelback loop to add it up from month to month pushing the tariffs higher if necessary. And take the money and pay down the debt for once. And stop spending money in foreign countries right away (Ron Paul said that). Ron Paul and Ross Perot are real people that deserve to be in politics. Most of the others are liars, it seems to me. Nothing else matters enough to bother talking about it. The debt, the economy, the giant sucking sound of job loss, the fact that they said they would reverse it, if it didn't work; it didn't work; it was obvious; Ross Perot pointed that out 20 years ago.

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