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  • sheafeadam sheafeadam Feb 1, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    Grow A Sack

    Short this bogus rally. With all the FED stimulus growth is negative and jobless rising.

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    • Sheafeadam,, I've just formulated an entire trading theory around you.
      I'm tentatively calling it the "Sheafeadam Ball Busting Market Barometer"
      based upon your testicular tenacity.You're going to be famous my friend.

      It is an inverse barometer which I believe will determine the precise market top.
      Allowing for a slight variable,of course, due to your younger age and somewhat lesser elasticity.

      Here's how it works;
      You yourself, the large ball carrying bull,or bear in this case,will remain the stationary object.
      While your balls will be stretched,like a rubber band, inversely per your short position, to the market itself.
      With the effectiveness of this market paradigm determined by the extent that your balls can be stretched,the amount of pain that you can withstand, until they snap off.
      Or,if you are lucky,the market tops out before you reach your breaking point
      to which your balls now a stretched thin like a rubber band snap back into place.
      Leaving you and them more learned,longer,but all the while unscathed.

      Extruding the Q;will Sheafeadam's short balls snap off in the ensuing market melt up
      leaving him a ball less dam shea flea ?

      awesome no ?

      Ok, here we go. Placements gentlemen.
      Shea, you said that you initiated your massive short position gamble in Nov./Dec ?

      So We'll place your prone body at ,giving you the benefit here, at SPY 144

      Next we'll, this might be a little uncomfortable, stretch your balls down to the appropriate level
      INVERSE to the market's rise.
      Stretch him out boys.... That's right, a little lower, yes, perfect.

      Shea, your balls are now stretched approximately 2 inches down further than they normally would be.
      How do you feel ?

      Like a man you say ?

      That a boy.Perfect.

      Let's see what Mr Market has in store for you.

      Those of you out there viewing feel free to call in now.
      Placing your bet as to just how far Sheafeadam's big balls will be stretched
      before snapping off.

      Or be released and sprung up like a venetian blind.

      place yer bets

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      • my balls are close to being snapped off right here. Keep in mind I scaled into this trade, slowly at first and subsequently more aggressive. When TZA hits $12.16 I'll be flat on the trade. However, yes, I am maxed out on margin, maxed out on stress and completely baffled by the short term stupidy of the vertical move to the upside. None the less I am sitting on a little over negative 200k in open positions. I did manage to nail the 520 put options the day AAPL reported earnings for 2k a contract and liquidated for 6k a contract the next morning, however, the 40k gain was a mere dent in my overall losses in this trade I currently hold. If I dont get a correction quickly, my balls will get snapped clean off. Good Call!!!

    • Sheafe , you stayed short and the cover was the long shakeout move on Dec 31 . We made new highs now we so we need a shakeout that will trap shorts/get rid of longs (monday ?) and then rip your face off rally to end it ( Feb 10 th ish) .All the #$%$ that did not get long will buy dips and will be liquidated. Shorts will be taken out in body bags also and when it is time to short they will be afraid . Early entries suck . Good luck ! I am trading it

    • Amazingly the idiots have been unable to figure this out that Federal Reserve programs have been widely unsuccessful.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Don't think you've been right once.

    • why fight the trend, easy $ is to the upside

    • Im buying IWM $90 puts at the open that expire today

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