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  • ankipate Feb 1, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    what happens monday?

    Do you think the s$p will move lower or continue this bullish movement??? Anyone

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    • dannystuart455 Feb 1, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

      i think that the stock market will have a correction, once the 80% disapproval rating Conngress will be in session. But not now. Mr. Obama, my Commander in Chief, has a huge approval rating.

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    • cahrendt Feb 1, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

      Market will show some modest selling as investor's take profits especially after a one large day gain and all averages pressing up against major resistance. Everyone said the market was going to 14000 and s&p 1510 now that its here people aren't sure what to do. The computer algorithms and retail investors coming back bid stocks up. Don't forget the first of the month traditionally see's large inflows into the stock market. Should see this market have a 3-5% sell off. Followed by a 1--15% correction. The rally has almost been unhealthy to an extent. I'm comparing the markets move to apple's move from 500 to 750. You couldn't find a bear everything was green on the other side. Now look you can't find anyone who wants to be long the stock. Also we have heard zero news out of europe lately lets not forget that whole crisis has not been avoided yet. I may be the only bear left in america but a top usually occurs when you can't find a "bad news story". Earnings were not that great. Cat-guided for a slow year. Ford-1 billion dollar loss in europe see's further losses. GDP- -.1%. All the bulls blew this off as a write down in inventory. Well lets not forget the 3rd quarters "robust growth" at 3% was due to larger inventories. Sounds to me like companies had a harder time moving product and thus had to write down these assest. I'm not buying the whole story. Also the unemployment ticking up today to 7.9% does not scream growing economy. The only real reason we moved higher was because the fed is not taking its pedal off the gas. If anyone can argue this with logical facts. I'd love to hear the bull case for 2013. Thanks

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    • Bullish momentum should carry the markets a little further as sideline investors and bond investors jump back in the market...

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