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  • mntstockbroker mntstockbroker Feb 2, 2013 10:33 PM Flag

    Bearish pattern on SPX/SPY

    Is the triple negative divergence on the ROC at the April, September and January highs a bearish signal of a pending market collapse? or the SPX closing above the weekly BB? or the Transports closing above the weekly BB for 6/7 weeks with an exponential move? are things really that good in the USA? Why did Spain's IBEX drop 5.7% last week? was it just because the Spanish short selling ban expired?

    did the US $ bottom last week, Is it very oversold? did the Euro top out? did oil top? did the German DAX and the French CAC close down last week with the MACD histograms closing down too? Will the NDQ 100 H & S top play out and drop from 2764 to 2000? did the VIX and VXN have bullish divergences last week? Did the NDQ 100 close above its upper BB last Friday with tightly compressed BB's? Is that Bearish? did the spy close above upper BB for two consecutive weeks while a triple negative divergence was confirmed on the RSI and ROC looking at the April, September and current tops?

    did the RSI on the R2K fail to push to new highs last week when the R2K pushed to new all-time highs? nope Did the rising wedge on the R2K break down, push to new highs but fail to get back above the apex of the rising wedge? no Is there a huge negative divergence on the MACD of the R2K Monthly chart? yes Does the bernank love the R2K? yes

    Is the weekly summation index at extreme levels on all indexes marking a top? Yes

    is bond market bottoming and stock market topping? are treasuries about to rise?

    did TLT close below its lower BB? yes Did treasury yields top? maybe

    are 91% of S&P 500 stocks above their 50 dma? historically how long can that last?

    was Friday's last ditch pop a short covering rally and have the Bears all capitulated?

    why hasn't the NYSE advancing issues moved to new highs even though the NYSE comp has moved to new highs?

    In summary, anyone buying at this levels is flushing their money down the drain because a huge correction is imminent. any mutual fund or hedge fund that decides to hold long equities through this next correction is not a prudent money manager for their clients. This could be a huge decline. don't be complacent. remember the Bull/Bear spread on Investors Intelligence is 32%!

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