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  • veloocity2000 veloocity2000 Feb 3, 2013 9:44 AM Flag


    Last week we watch a negative GDP report that followed a 100% Revenue/Earnings MISS by Amazon which sent the stock 'soaring' ... a JOB REPORT that was MORE THAN 100,000 LOWER than NOVEMBER 2012 and the 5TH STRAIGHT WEEK OF MARKET GAINS and the simple reason is ... the Market is FULL of Lunatics' praying at the feet of Ben Bernanke's self-interest-agenda and glamorization of Wall Street that will certainly go down in history as one of the darkest periods 'ever' for "free market capitalism". Never has there been such an intensive effort to glorify and reward the very same people that premeditative destroyed more private wealth than any previous nation on earth. As bizarre as this sounds, the only comparison that can be factually made would be the rise of Hitler’s Germany whereas an entire Continent was brought to its knees by a madman; for me, Bernanke's agenda is frankly no different -- this man will destroy an entire generation just as he has split American society into the "those that have and those that will not". Bernanke is indeed a 'financial terrorist' and the results of his Grand Plan are taking hold everyday as he 'prints' his New World Order! You may not think it now but I guarantee you, if Bernanke's Regime continues he will indeed 'deliver' an entire nation into the hands of the most corrupt and disingenuous people on this planet … WALL STREET BANKERS!

    Since March 2009 Bernanke has essentially lead a group (known as mindless buttlickers) into sanctioning the greatest money printing scheme in the history of the known civilized world. In just over 3 years he has placed upon the backs of ‘every person’ in America over $52,000 dollars in debt … that’s every man, woman and child. He has destroyed the entire ‘value of savings’ for a generation … millions of people. Has called the “doubling’ of a gallon a gas transitory along with nearly a triple in basic food costs and energy. He has orchestrated the placement of more than $3 TRILLION DOLLARS onto the ‘balance sheets’ of the richest people in the history of this country, that’s the richest people ever! He has covertly managed through ‘depository swaps’ the funding of virtually every ‘failed’ bank in Europe including those found guilty of ‘money laundering for terrorist, fraud, weapons sales to Regimes supporting genocide, illegal drug consortiums and those literally responsible for the murder of millions of children.’ He has labeled his ‘sick agenda’ as ‘stimulus’ claiming publically … “I regret that some will be harmed by our actions but ‘it’ is for the future benefit of the greater good’ … whatever the hell that is suppose to mean!

    We sit here with more than 23 million people unemployed, only 12 million are reported because the BLS does not count those that ‘don’t give a #$%$ anymore’. Over 11 million vacant homes, an additional 3.5 million hidden on the books of banks that claim them as ‘assets based upon 2006 value!’ 2 in 5 people on some form of Government assistance – 128 million! More than half the nation receiving Food Stamps. 800,000 children (under the age of 16) living in Motels. The highest suicide rate in the entire history of our Armed Services. And here we have Bernanke, printing $85 BILLION DOLLARS per/month and HANDING-IT to WALL STREET! Financial Terrorist is an understatement.

    Go ahead, enjoy the best January stock market in more than 16 years … rejoice that every week in 2013 has been UP for the major indices -- that's FIVE STRAIGHT WEEKS UP. That the Russell 2000 is at the highest level since 'it' was created. Be happy that ‘financial engineering’ has resulted in 60+% of the reporting firms ‘beating estimates’ that were ‘lowered three previous times’. Don’t be surprised that the 3 best performing stocks YTD have been Netflix, Dell and Best Buy, and Apple the #1 best short -- that sure makes sense, right? That’s your so-called stock market, your so-called Free Market Capitalism all based upon HIGHER UNEMPLOYEMENT, HIDDEN FORECLOSURES, and MOST IMPORTANTLY ... The greatest financial terrorist in histroy ... BERNANKE!

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    • BTFD mentioned NO LESS THAN 87 TIMES on CNBC today ... so far, YOU ARE BEING TRAINED TO BTFD and I'm 100% confident the Brain Dead here will do just that! DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD!

    • Dow DOWN 130, UP 130 and today ... WHATEVER BERNANKE SAYS, period!

    • Today's MASSIVE SELLOFF ... another JOKE!

    • Just a reminder for the SLOW readers here and everyone that took the Red pill!

    • Next week we will hear more important lies from Europe, namely, Mario Drahi, the former head of the Bank of Italy, now ECB chairman, who was responsible for European operations for Goldman from 2002 to 2005, and predictably has NO MEMORY of the currency swaps deal that enabled Greece to camouflage the size of its budget deficit and enter the Euro Zone on a LIE.

      He will be at The International Banking Seminar of the Group of Thirty (G30) which is held every year to coincide with the fall meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank, and is accessible only to selected visitors. Behind the G30 hides a group of leading bankers and economists who wish to make claims to influence decisions in the financial sector. Prominent members include senior representatives of Goldman Sachs of course, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase International and former and current heads of central banks.

      Some people contended that given the ECB’s role in bank regulation, having ANYONE in an executive capacity, let alone its chief, represents a serious conflict of interest. The EU Ombudsman thinks the charge has enough meat to warrant an investigation: The EU Ombudsman Nikiforos Diamandouros has instituted investigations against Draghi and sent to the Central Bank a mandatory questionnaire. To date ... NO REPLY.

      Interesting how quickly EU leadership will spend $100's of thousands (in Euro's) to travel to a meeting but can fill-out a simple questionary explaining the overly cozy relationship between central bankers and the banks they supposedly regulate.

    • From the bank that gave you “tax fraud loopholes, terrorist and drug money laundering, genocide financing in Africa and the more recent favorite activity; oil loans in Iran” … I give you the global specialist in bundling hundreds of mortgages into a single set of securities sold to investors in even after Regulators had found flaws with the loans and asked the lenders to repurchase the debt.

      That practice was just one of the many ways Zurich-based Credit Suisse maximized profit as the U.S. mortgage market melted down, while exposing investors and guarantors to losses, said in an amended complaint filed Jan. 30 in New York State Supreme Court as part of its unresolved suit against the bank. The filing cites documents obtained through the Pretrial Exchange of Evidence which CS has attempted to suppress from ‘discovery’.

      The amended complaint said bank executives used the word “shady” and a vulgarity to describe mortgage companies it routinely bought loans from. Some of them would “try to get away with anything” they could, including selling “utter complete garbage,” the executives said. A Credit Suisse spokesman called the ‘comments’ mischaracterizing the evidence.

      Six years after U.S. home prices collapsed and began a slump of more than 30 percent, and a year into the so-called recovery, mortgage-bond investors and insurers are still battling in court with banks over the hundreds of billions of dollars in resulting losses. Plaintiffs are pointing to ‘pretrial evidence’ to bolster cases or bring new ones, saying the documents show the extent of Wall Street’s wrongdoing.

      Drew Benson, a spokesman for Credit Suisse, said. “We are confident the court will see this as a futile attempt to shore up a weak claim.” Credit Suisse had sought to prevent the filing of the amended complaint in the suit over the $1 billion bond deal, saying in court documents that the description of an originator in an e-mail as “shady” occurred during a discussion of a loan product during a lunch meeting.

      The Swiss bank agreed in November to pay $120 million to settle U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission allegations that it failed to tell investors it kept reimbursements from lenders for soured loans “previously” placed in bonds. The bank didn’t admit or deny the findings in the SEC case. An unnamed spokesperson said, in cases where ‘fraud’ is well established it is a common practice to simply “pay a fine, admit nothing and move on.”

      Officials said it found the bank also bundled more than 500 mortgages into a deal even after demanding that lenders repurchase the debt because of early defaults or underwriting errors.
      The New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sued Credit Suisse, saying its mortgage bonds suffered $11.2 billion of losses and there needed to be “real accountability for the illegal and deceptive conduct.” “You talk about people selling tens of billions of dollars of securities in which their due diligence process was essentially a sham,” Schneiderman said in an interview today. “That’s a big liability.” ... it's also a CRIME!

    • Keep going with Benny until everything crumbles

    • Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

    • So, I went camping two weeks ago with my 10 year old son. An overnight trip that I thought would be exciting and put some quality time in the Book. Since we both enjoy watching a TV show called Gold Rush I had purchased a plastic mining pan at Sports Authority the week before and small shovel, thinking we could dig around a small stream where I had planned to camp. After setting-up the tent, arranging some rocks for a fire and eating some granolas we ventured to a safe point along the stream and began to dig a few shovel loads to swirl in our pan. Suddenly I heard a rather loud voice – Hello! As we turned to see who had appeared I was surprised to see it was two Federal Park Rangers, one carrying a rifle. He inquired … ‘what are you doing … is that a mining pan?” I replied, why yes. He then asked that we both follow him back-over to our tent and requested that I provide some ID; the other Ranger said … do you have any weapons? I produced my ID and said no … my son and I are just camping overnight. Do you mind if I take a look inside your tent? Said the Ranger holding the rifle. I said no and he glanced inside. The other Ranger wrote down my ID information and handed my Driver’s License back and said … “do you have a Prospector’s License? Laughing slightly, I replied ‘no’ and I didn’t know I needed one! The Ranger said … ‘you sure do, you’re on Federal Land! He proceeded to write me a ‘citation’ saying that I could mail the Fine’ before February 15th or appear in Court at 9:00 am, Thursday, February 28th. The ‘fine’, $150 dollars! He confiscated the ‘pan’ and told me I could retrieve it after the ‘fine’ is paid at the Ranger Station or obtain a ‘receipt’ from the Court if I elected to go-to-court. I proclaimed ‘are you serious? $150 bucks for what? The Ranger stepped-back and said … now calm down Sir … we don’t want an incident do we – the other Ranger motioning for my son to move aside. I seriously thought for a second … can I reach my shovel faster than that rifle could be raised and then just as suddenly as I had that thought I realized the insanity of it. I extended my hand accepting the ‘ticket’. The Ranger said ‘you be safe now and have a nice time’ … they walked away.

      My son turned to me and said … thank GOD we didn’t bring our fishing poles, my ‘fishing license’ expired last year … we could have been arrested! I smiled and said … no son; the ‘fine’ would have just been more! Look at it this way … the only thing the government does not charge you is for breathing, well at least not yet.

    • I can only envision that the 'thumb down' is from a weekend staff employee of the Federal Reserve, paid to troll message boards seeking anything negative about the Fed which I'm sure is forwarded to Homeland Security and the IRS. I make that comment on the FACT that every word of my Post is 100% TRUE!

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