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  • sstillen sstillen Feb 3, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    The higher this market goes with Fed money geing used = a disaster when it drops

    because the Fed will have no ammo left to help ...With interest rates already at 0% , and $85 billion being given to the market each month to play with -- what will they do when this house of cards collapses ??? Have ANY longs thought about this at all ! Probably not

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    • The Exit Strategy is WAR as history suggests.

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      • What do "they" say the problem here at home is? Lack of Manufacturing jobs. What does a major worldwide war do? Create massive amounts of manufacturing jobs here at home. What are we currently doing in the middle east? Funding Jihaadists and Rebels to overthrow Regime's. (I find it odd nobody in the media is even talking about the bloomberg report that Obama just sent to Al Queda half a billion in Syria to lead the Rebels to overthrow Assad, I feel like we live in the twilight zone, I thought we were trying to kill Al Queda in Afghanistan) Obviously there is a global plan in place to set the stage for a war IN THE EVENT THE CENTRAL BANKERS FAIL TO IGNITE THE ECONOMY IN WHICH OUR GDP IS NOW NEGATIVE. Hmmmmmm....

        We are all pawns in a GIANT CHESS GAME. Good Luck!!!

      • Right, or at least the threat of war. The Fed will need ready buyers in a flight to safety.

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