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  • pistachio_disguisey pistachio_disguisey Feb 15, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

    A novel idea for reorganizing our economic system

    Divide economic organizations into stable/sustaining activity and innovative/growth activity. The idea is to have innovation/growth in private companies and stable/sustaining in nationalized companies. All government services are also provided in nationalized companies.

    Nationalized companies exist to produce stable products and services without business concerns about market share or profitability, but rather encourage employment among those who can't find jobs in private companies. This includes youth, senior citizens who want to work, the homeless, basically all who want to work. There is no cost of capital, no business profits to be paid to investor/owners. There are no business development costs or risks of failing to innovate. There are no magnificent salaries for the C level execs. You can't be fired easily but your hours can be reduced if your performance falls below generous minimums. These organizations are not designed to produce maximum profits but rather maximum economic stability.

    The growth/innovative companies work as they do now, but they can't cannibalize products and industries being operated by the stable companies. They don't operate mines for example, but can explore for new ones which can then be sold to stable companies. They innovate products and services and bring them to markets to prove them as viable. As they are adopted and growth slows to a stable level, they sell the business into the nationalized system and start over with a new enterprise. Government and private investment are allowed and public stock and bond markets exist to support them.

    Private health insurance goes away, and is no longer a business expense. But each citizen has a health status level that is earned based on performance measures in the economy, politics, or arts. These levels determine what health care options are available. For example, not everyone gets their knees replaced at 70 years of age.
    It is an incentive to higher economic output.

    Decent food and housing are defined as basic human rights, as is freedom from having to live with crime around you. Minimum and maximum work hours are established as curbs against laziness and obsession.

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    • All government services are also provided in nationalized companies.
      An example of which is CMS (centers for medicare and medicaid services)
      Medicare loses 60 to 90 Billion $$$$$$$$$ A year attributable to fraud and waste.
      Yep! The government is an example of Sustained Activity,,,,,,,,,, Perennial Money Sucking Taxing Sustained Activity.
      Time to rethink a "novel idea"

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