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  • pjw1857 pjw1857 Feb 26, 2013 7:20 AM Flag

    Why is the Republican Party so hell bent on self destruction?


    they snub NJ governor Chris Christie who has a 74% popularity rating by not inviting him to CPAC but they got Sarah Palin, Rick Sanatorium and Mitt Rummy and Ted (I wanna be Joesph McCarthy) Cruz., NRA's madman Wayne (Give everyone an assault rifle) LaPierre, and Virginia's former Attorney General and now gubernatorial hopeful Ken Cuccinelli who says he's not going to get a SS card for his young son cus that 's how the govt tracks you down. This Party has gone nuts and is completely off the rails

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    • The republicans are self destructing because their true idiology is finally being seen for what it is, extreme, moronic and heartless. They used to hide behind the hot button issues that played to people's anger and got them voted in. Now people are starting to realize that a vote for republicans is a vote against themselves. They really stand for nothing except ignorance, power and money. They will say whatever they have to if they think
      it will get them elected - the party is void of any meaningful substance, only outdated idiology.

    • The republican party is infected with the “tea” virus.

    • Why is Obama resorting to scare tactics with the sequestration issue, instead of taking on a leadership role? I'll answer that....because he's not a leader. Instead of cutting spending to help the economy, he'd rather spend more money and make it worse.

      Obama is shaping up to be one of the worst presidents ever. At this stage is the cycle, the US should have been enjoying a full recovery. Now we're probably in another recession. Your post supports this administration's populist and class warfare approach. When the first lady of the White house gives out the award for best picture, you know you have an administration that's completely off the rails (as you put it).

    • brewriver Feb 26, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

      74% are being rolled like a handful of dice
      played for the fools that they are

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