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  • sstillen sstillen Feb 26, 2013 11:47 PM Flag

    $4 and up Gas putting choke hold on the economy , but oil productuon is highest

    in over 15 years....way to go Obama ! That's one way to stimulate the economy, allow wall st. to gouge consumers at the pump, so they have less $ to spend on purchasing goodsto help the economy get back on track....what am i missing here ??? This isn't rocket science stuff

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    • lusob09 Feb 27, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

      Buy ERX - 3x energy/oil, get rich.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What you're missing is that none of that econ #$%$ matters anymore. What matters is that Bailout Ben said he intends to keep handing out free money to banks indefinitely, which means the stock market will go up, which means that everyone is rich. That's how it works in the New New Economy. So forget everything you learnend in Econ 101 in college. And if you took advanced econ seminars, forget those, too. And if you have an graduate degree in economics, you can forget everything you learned in your graduate program as well.

      You're right, it *is* simple. A lot simpler than you thought! :)

    • Um, quite a bit. The Bible says that the king who exalts himself will control the treasuries of Egypt and the Libyans and Cushites will be in submission. If you back to the Berlin Victory Column speech, you will see that nothing has been hidden. The plan was to support those "yearning for freedom" hence support the "spring". google a. spring recovery assets white house address, Libya and Egypt were the only two countries mentioned--basically saying if you play by our rules, we'll return your how does it work and what are you missing? Well, in the words of Soros when oil dropped to the $40's..."we need oil at least $70+" to keep "green jobs on the jobs is the excuse---the reason is to give money to the oil producing nations vis-a-vis the American consumer at the pump...a "transfer of wealth" if you will from the U.S. directly to oil producing nations. They then have "sovereign wealth funds" pour money into our bank stocks and stock market in general to expotentially grow their wealth and lift our ailing market....pretty cool scam and Soros gets to plan all of it and use "yearning for freedom" and "the environment" as an excuse....isn't it great!

    • booyahh...that will get the consumer confident

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