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  • legofthebear legofthebear Mar 6, 2013 12:33 AM Flag

    I'd like to get out, BUT ...learn more...

    It's been quite a run from March 9, 2009. Back then I was down $855,321.02 and da spouse was nagging me to go ALL OUT. We have indexes and large caps, I argued, they always come back. Then she referred to her sister, da smartest money guru in da state. She dumped it all when da Da S&P500 was 800. My brother, another genius, bailed at S&P500 720 and never looked back. I figured I'd have to work until I was 90, but, I wasn't selling.

    Lets see here. Yep! Counting dividends I'm uppity $1,332,132.67, and still holdiing-SPY, GE, Au-da real stuff, INTC and SBUX. Here's da problem, I'd like to exit stage right, everything, right now! Unfortunately, I can not figure out where to go that's better than stocks. Couple that with taxes on about half a million bucks, 39.5%-I bought options that ruined my long term cap gains status.

    Okay, so where do da rest of you geniuses that are so down on this market go when you retire from this sport, huh? Anybody?

    C Yaz - Da Bear Cares [CGDGE] ( Thinking about spending it all sex and booze, while they're still cheap enough that I can afford em. )

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    • Legofthebear , I think you hit nail on the head . Where to go ? This leads to a lack of sellers and short squeezes. If you owned several power companies in IRA from the 2009 lows IE PNW and D they have doubled and are paying you 8% a year from original investment . Do you sell them ? Where can you go ? If the power companies fail then you could assume currency may not do you any good . Hard money lending on homes for flippers yields have been good 1 point and 15-18% . Also rent to own houses for the credit impaired. I see the funnel here and it reminds me of gold before parabolic move . Violent swings with bets being place to downside and shaking out weak longs before the blow off move until retail had to get in near the top.

    • love that humor. okay so i am over responding now. when i got out of the market in August 2007 I was a bit early. But things were going poorly for the masses. 8 years and jobs creation was off by 145,000 every month on average, and bankruptcies had been skyrocketing since 1991. But I got out then because of the high market price and the news in Europe that Hank Paulson had stolen 4.5 trillion dollars in 2006 with George Bush. This time is worse. We have continued to have horrible jobs creation. Now only 3 million new jobs in 13 years. What the hell is that. The Federal income has been virtually flat for 13 years. The Federal Reserve is playing shell games but should have put a dent in the missing 27 million jobs- yes we should be creating 200,000 to 210,000 jobs a month. I know the aristocrats see unlimited space for poverty and no jobs in this country because they want everybody except themselves to be rich. It just seems to make them feel like things are working then. So forget all of that, the market is at 14,000 while the Federal government is shrinking while the population is growing without new jobs. So how are all of our American public companies and their stocks going to earn money now. Trickle down from the Fed is creating no jobs. They do not lend to small businesses. Citi commerical told me they no longer do commerical loans. #$%$ is that- I call this an overthrow by aristocrats, or traitors, because they forced borrowing on the Federal government when they took over the Fed. Kucinich tried to fix, but they tossed him out, and put his NEED Act on mothballs.

    • Commodities, I would park it in cash for the short term. Physical is always better.

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