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  • baker_dart baker_dart Mar 17, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    The absolute worse choice was made of taking people's money right out of their accounts. It should have been a tax hike

    On property or sales tax on goods or motor vehicle tax. But to reach in to what people see as their cash is incomprehesable. This will shake every person in the 17 nations. Expect new deposits in to Citibank. That is the best US / International bank in the world.

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    • This should shake every person in every nation in the world. It is deplorable...and people are helpless to stop it.

    • Really? I don't know what C is paying for deposits on CD's, savings, and checking accounts; I'll presume the same as the other big banks do: Let's use the KISS approach, and call it basically 0 interest. One Percent, on a Fantastic deal, and a large deposit.

      However; money funneled in from other counties could receive some sorta special deals, especially larger amounts. Funny how I have to account for every $10,000.00 that I move around, but others don't? Money Laundering is a big of a money maker for "Somebody" as is drug runnin' in other circles. Much more respectable, of course. And more than a tad easier to to swing. I don't know why those who are South of the Border haven't figured that gig out. Must be some sorta mutual agreement; why risk drivin' thru a checkpoint with a heist, when one can sit at a keyboard and move millions and billions legally.

    • The legal way to steal public money, increase tax, QE1,2,3: stealing money money public worked years, then give to bankers and riches. It's transfer of wealth accumulated little by little by hard workers then steal all at once, then tell them 'work more, wake me up when you have some money in your deposit'
      I always thought and never changed my mind, 'US Citizens are economic slaves'

    • yeah, more taxes , good about the governments stop wasting tax payers $ to begin with.....all these mofos do is spend money they dont have

    • I agree, and I dont think the guys in charge are too dumb to not know this

      they either want to crash the system for reasons we can all speculate on


      they seriously have no other ideas.

      no matter how you slice it, unless all electronic and physical means of getting one's money out of the banks is stopped tomorrow, I dont know how you prevent a run on all the banks in Europe.

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