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  • xtgeminiman Mar 20, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    Ben's Quantitative Easing Wasted Trillions And Will Prolong The Next/Current Recession

    Wow! All I can say is that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the USA is a loser and a clown!

    He has devalued the dollar and created lots of bubbles with his careless policies and has STILL not been able to stave off the inevitable recession that is coming. The rest of the world is a mess and more and more US companies are coming out and saying that the US economy is a POS. Negative guidance is at the highest levels ever and profit margins have to go down as they are about 100% above historical norms.

    The most effed up part of all of this is that the Central Banks have screwed up so bad that they will have to withdraw liquidity as they have no more bullets or will have to print indefinitely, which will only create artificial prices.

    In ECON101 they teach you about market forces. Well, Ben and these clowns believe they are some sorts of gods with the power to control these market forces. Ben has screwed up royally and there is probably no way out at this point that does not lead to a good deal and more likely significant pain.

    I am calling the top here +/- 2% within the next 3-4 weeks and anticipate a quick 7-10% correction. If that gets bought, we retest and possibly even make newer highs before heading back down. Either way, I ultimately expect a minimum 35% correction.

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