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  • casacujo casacujo Mar 22, 2013 2:50 AM Flag

    Cyprus crisis is fabricated to de-stablize the world finance markets..

    Cyprus only need $4bil Euro loan to get their banking secured.. why the fvck stock markets around the world have to take 2% off daily to justify Cyprus crisis.. US stock markets should not register this kind of white noise.. somehow WS keep recycling the old news to create high volatility in the market .. these manipulators should be prosecuted

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    • wanttobeamillionairefromstocks wanttobeamillionairefromstocks Mar 22, 2013 2:56 AM Flag

      after such a big mishap how can they just lose one notch on s&p rating. That country would soon be eating worms and carcasus to survive as all banks have shutdown. I would have bankrupted their rating. Such a clown of a world this capital market. The best it can get in con capitalism.

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      • its unfortunate that cyprus doesn't grow pineapples or coconuts , then they could survive like many other countries and maybe have tourists. But instead they have weasels stashing away the money living on this rock to escape their fair share. Cyprus had to be a banking centre, now they may have forever screwed that up . I do have an idea for the island now ... make it in a giant prision camp for Europe charge the rest of Euope by how much the prisoner weights to cut the food expenses , of course extras like torture have to be paid for.

    • Maybe you're right even though they take away 10% balance of deposits. They always make up news on pivots. So, bad news on top. Does it trigger you to sell short market?

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      • The Cyprus Situation is a game changer.
        Nothing will ever be the same from this juncture on.
        The schism between acceptable legal larceny and grand theft has occurred.

        If this wasn't intentional it will go down in history as one of the most diabolically stupid
        moves ever by a ruling faction.

        Hey, I went to deposit some money in the bank yesterday and they wanted a 10% cut off of the top.

        What's the difference between a bank and a loan shark ?
        Better magazines

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