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  • darwins_assistant darwins_assistant Mar 29, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Ben's undoing

    Ben isn't fixing anything structural except making an artificial market in poor bond risks, like mortage bonds and US sovereign treasury debt.

    A new set of core stability assumptions are evolving in all the interconnections of the economy. Our world now considers unemployment, deficits in entitlement obligations, dependence on exports for end consumer demand, spiraling commodity costs, and distorted bond market pricing, as artifacts of laughable complacency.

    Our global trends are toward lower employment at all levels of expertise, as capital spending on technology for manufacturing and software for business intelligence and economic processes eliminates the need for people. Wealth concentration is only accelerating. Europe is in the middle of collapsing from its employment dilemma and the US will in its time as well. These are irreversible processes hardly fixed by fantasies of a future filled with burgeoning PhD superkids out of public high schools and affordable colleges. Those rats nests as bad as they are are only secondary effects of an unsustainable system.

    Ben created this new foundation, which commits him to it forever in my opinion.

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