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  • bush.wacker bush.wacker Apr 5, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    FED Hawks Just Got Shot Out of the Sky Today

    Can there be any doubt now about continuing QE? I don't think so!

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    • Well, it would be very unbecoming for anyone to shoot street pigeons in a barrel, or a henhouse; so to speak.

      Not to say that some rogue warrior might not show up with a double barrelded; rare, but it does happen.

      I think it will be called a Downed Dove, vs being called a Black Swan.

      Of course, I could be wrong, or just pre reading the MANufactured headlines.

    • Yes---more doubt now than ever as pathetic jobs numbers prove that QE is NOT helping to create jobs...and since it's ineffective, probably time to start winding down. Why throw more good (play) money after bad?

    • There can always be doubt of continuing bond purchases with created reserves that raise inflationary expectations. As a result of such programs, numerous 'black swan' end game scenarios could arise, such as a sudden and dramatic rise in interest rates and/or currency dislocation. It is most likely that this will occur in Europe and Japan first, but could well happen to the U.S. thereafter. You can guarantee that if intermediate to long-term Treasury Securities begin to dramatically fall in price, the Federal Reserve will have no other option but to follow the markets, not only ceasing further bond purchases, but exponentially raising the Discount and Federal Funds Rates to stymie higher interest rates and/or a currency run on the dollar.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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