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  • thomasbjorg thomasbjorg Apr 8, 2013 10:49 PM Flag

    No point in shorting

    This market until rat faced Bernake is at his post.

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    • Darwins Assistant suggested some time back to simply wait for a confirmed pullback.
      As we are sitting at the tippy top of the triple top and anticipating a minimum 18% correction
      to occur at any time, with the very real probability of a drop to SPX 1101.01,
      that is sage advice.

      Everyone has been warned at this juncture of the said Triple Top,and correlations to other various tops
      that all predict a substantial correction is due at any time now.

      IMO, Every retail holder,unless they got in on something at the 2009 lows, should have sold everything by now.
      EVERY last stock should have been sold by now.

      If friends, family,associates,haven't sold by now booking whatever profits they may have accumulated,
      then they'll earn the depreciation of those lost earnings when the massive correction comes.

      SPX 1101 is the minimum target for this cyclic correction.

      We're in Distribution territory.

      Only savvy traders should be active here.

      Being that 1101 is the minimum target for retrace

      Darwins advice of waiting for a confirmed downtrend should suffice.

      Baecorine,as usual, hats off to you. And the many other knowledgeable folks here as well........

    • Anyone who thinks the markets are safe is playing with fire. Moves like the one we are seeing in Japan are guaranteed to end in disaster. Central banks are operating as if they were in panic mode which in my opinion is exactly what they are doing. The planet is drowning in debt, global economies are slowing rapidly and central are desperately racing to devalue their currencies. We swing from one currency to another in the race to the bottom. It is all supposedly being offset by increased values in asset prices but this is a zero sum game. It is a fact that QE's have not created end demand for goods or increased employment because QE's hurt the bottom 95% of the population, the very people who are supposed to be consuming all these goods. The Japanese consumer has lost 25% of their buying power in just 6 months, oil prices are soaring in Yen terms.

      Central banks have gone off the reservation, they are throwing darts blindly hoping something sticks to the board. This is going to end in a global disaster, a financial meltdown that will be far worse than 2008. The confiscation of bank deposits in Cyprus is just a taste of what is to come. Money is not safe anywhere and those who have large amounts of money are very worried. Banks are robbing their own depositors as they always have and governments and central banks aren't going to be there to bail them out again. QE's only delay the inevitable and compound the magnitudes of future financial collapses because there is more money in circulation.

      Be smart, get ahead of the curve and get in to cash, I mean the kind of cash you put under your mattress! Do not trust banks or governments, they are coming for your money.

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