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  • keybotthequant keybotthequant Apr 9, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    CPC Put/Call Ratio Chart Signals Significant Market Top

    The technical analysis is too long to post in its entirety but a sell off is to begin at any time and should be about 100 SPX handles or more. Be very afraid. Here is a snippet;

    Will the question about complacency in the markets finally be put to rest? Clearly, traders have received the message loud and clear from the Fed and BOJ and they took Grandma Edna's and Aunt Nellie's entire life savings and placed it in the stock market over the last few days. The central bankers have told everyone that the equity markets will go up forever and there is no need to worry. May the Lord have mercy on their souls. The low CPC shows that it is about to end badly. Markets are not climbing a wall of worry, as the chart clearly shows, instead, the markets are climbing a wall of stimulus. A CPC under 0.7 indicates uber complacency, a complete lack of fear in the markets, zero worry. The central banker policies have created this mess. Very few traders are holding any shorts, in fact many die-hard short sellers threw in the towel today, completely giving up, throwing their arms up in disgust and swearing that they will never short the market ever again. Interestingly, this now increases the chances of a very strong move south, once it begins, since there will be very little short-covering, the markets may cascade lower taking out stops one after another.

    For the CPC chart and complete technical analysis use the search box above for Keystone Speculator

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