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  • wanttobeamillionairefromstocks wanttobeamillionairefromstocks Apr 13, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Can we have a society where being rich is FROWNED upon?

    Where being rich is considered evil, they are chased, they are frowned upon, they are hated because their wealth actually belongs to the people. It is really not theirs.

    The biggest thief of modern times in America is Warren Buffet. It is unbelievable how the society has elevated him to the status of God or Money. What an old dumb idiot he is - incredible the power of sheeples behind him? Even government wants him due to sheeple power behind his day time robbery from people's wealth.

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    • With that creep president you people elected anything bad is possible

    • Where ya been? I am an generation x'er myself. Our times were full of pearl jam, nirvana, nine inch nails. Lollapollozza. It was definately not cool to have TOO much money let alone make it the wrong way by f ing people over. Now it doesn't seem to matter does it? Buffet is a thief and NOT a long term investor like he once was. He shorted his own country's currency to very low levels and never used the money to create jobs that were taken away because of it. Also, he is one of the biggest traders of derivatives contracts. Which take away more jobs because the don't create ANYTHING to invest in. He always talks out both sides of his mouth and is incredibly two faced.

    • Sure we can, just resurrect the old Soviet Union, duma-z.

    • I have no idea weather you are rich or poor, but I am sure you are uninformed. No one is opposed to wealth, success is highly admired. Perhaps you are referring to Warren Buffets' opinion that those making above a million dollars a year must pay atleast 30% tax! I happen to agree with him. Wealth buys power and influence, our politicans no longer work for the citizens and work for their donors.
      Taxes are paid to meet Nations need. We must all bear the burden. When loop holes are written into laws they tend to favour a few. Why must income derived from any source be treated differently?
      We have the most regressive form of taxation, now some citizens have decided that they have had enough, why can't they support candidates that support their views?
      Trillions of dollars were waste in Iraq on the pretext of WMD, WE never heard a word from Grover Norquist or Tea party complaining. Well majority of America will continue the struggle to reform the TAX CODE!
      WARREN BUFFET deserves a huge THANK YOU for his effort.

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