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  • ctwayne ctwayne Apr 19, 2013 11:04 AM Flag

    So How Much is This Massive Terrorist Hunt Costing Taxpayers?

    We have thousands of federal, state, and local employees looking for one man. They are equipped with a very expensive collection of tanks, body armor, and automatic weapons. Before this incident is over, the taxpayers will be bilked out of many millions.

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    • The "very expensive collection of tanks, body armor, and automatic weapons" have already been bilked out of the taxpayers. The personnel are already on the government payroll. So the true cost will come from fuel, hotel and restaurant expenses, and then the frauds that government employees are becoming so well known for.

    • It will be "stimulus" to the economy just like 'bad weather'

    • It is like the military, they have all these expensive weapons they purchased from Lockheed, Raytheon, Boeing etc....Guess what ? They have to be used, so what do we do, we look for some foreign country to invade and use them . Isoil cheaper or more expensive then when we " liberated " Iraq ! The scenes from Boston news are over the freakin top, you'd think it was out of some new Military style movie that was coming this weekend....ANOTHER reason not to let them steal your 2nd amendment rights

    • they don't care! To take out this guy, we only need 20 people, why 1000, because, they have nothing to do anyway! everyday, they eats on us and doing nothing good like this idiot president!

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