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  • market.kibble market.kibble May 1, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

    let me see if i get this straight--


    in the past 3 weeks alone--

    3wks ago, i call the action climatic, and call 3 ace put entries at the 3 sister peaks.

    market instantly dives lower, rut tosses out 12s gains, spy 8x gains, betas go near freefall.

    market nearly instantly sells down hard for next 5 days, along with a one day snapback reversal to 50% dvb kill zone.

    at the test of 50dma, i come out and say market is very symmetrical, and very balanced, and betas are now at super critical supports, and time to flip long.

    market instantly shoots higher and betas instantly rocket higher.

    aaplgoog rock off their support pivot lows.

    i call goog/aapl coming and going for next week on their mega ramps.

    at the retest of 159.7 area, i come and repeatedly warn it is a 'kill zone' super res.

    and i get puts monday and hold over, and get a decent fold over into close and instant sell down next day and spy puts double.

    then, i come out late yesterday and say, be careful this market is hair trigger away from busting thru and if it does the blow thru will be huge. but caution if this fails here, for adventurous types, this is a kill shot kill zone super res for a spec put play. i didn't back that one up but i saw the potential.

    and market instanly gaps down on fugly adp numbers and other reports and crummy chinese data and small biz reports, and every sector instantly dive bombs lower. aapl/goog at kill zones after my posted price targets had been attained. too bad i sold out a day early and left 120k on the table.

    anyways, market gaps down and sells down and i call the early am bounce back a fluff up dcb and to get short and look for a dcb fluff n fold. market instantly folds over and heads lowe.

    mid day i point the multi day rising wedge pattern forming and slap down a newbie was declaring it a double bottom. market promptly falls out of the tip of that rising wedge and goes near freefall.

    and that's just in the past 3 weeks and that's only a tiny summation of what i have done.

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