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  • piezodude piezodude May 21, 2013 8:04 PM Flag

    looks like a top

    we shall see. Looked like this before. However the RSI is up there now and has been up there. I think it sells off from here and seriously. They are trying to sock the corporations for more tax. They know the people are tapped out.

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    • When you're short, everything looks like a top. After a run like this, you need to see a huge upside capitulation to call a top....and you ain't got one!.......Book'em Danno!.......Losses... that is!

    • I mean a real top, whereas it starts down and bounces and goes lower and the bear market continues. It's all fake, all FED. Problem is they haven't done anything real, like install tariffs to collect money and keep companies here. They think they can offset $600B a year, $6 trillion in 10 years of trade imbalance by creating money. They are stupid. And look how many lazy good for nothings haven't even looked for a job in three generations. Too much dead weight. Too much baggage. The economy has been trashed by stupid. Once it starts going, everyone races to the exits and interest rates may start up, compounding the problem. Wall Street decides to sell, short, etc. and they want it to go down so they can make a ton on the downside. You watch. That's the game.

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