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  • hardbod775 hardbod775 May 21, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    who the heck is buying at this level

    yes I understand there is money to be made
    but if you are a regular guy like myself. who has already lost thousands in this rigged market.. this market has no reason to be this high. remind me of the real estate boom. people were paying for houses with money they really didn't have. and bought a house that was worth half of what they paid. I think everyone knows the outcome. why is it that nobody learns from the past.. this market is a joke
    sell sell sell. trust me

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    • You are not alone. I think a lot of folks suffered losses and sidelined with what they have on hand. I agree that I wouldn't buy a single share for a dime. I have some short positions that is losing everyday and waiting until its day comes to turn it in to green. We will see where this spike takes the Walstreet ....

    • xtgeminiman May 21, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

      We've already posted plenty of times, Ben is buying up here. He is probably the only one.

    • If you lost, you must have been shorting stocks. The market has broken above old highs which were resistance for a long long time. When you get a breakout after 13 years, you get a huge move up. You've been looking at the beginnings of that huge move. As far as reasons, you can say the FED, low interest rates, etc, but it really doesn't matter at this point, you've got to expect at least 10% above the old highs, and at this point you need to see the rest of the move happen in a couple of days or it's going to be more than 10% before you can call a top. So there you go.......Suck on it!

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