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  • ultravis66 ultravis66 Jun 12, 2013 9:57 PM Flag

    Anyone worried about the retail sales for tomorrow?

    Retail sales are out tomorrow and they could have a pretty big impact on the markets. They are "supposedly" going to come in good from what i read in a Bloomberg article.

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    • I own several retail stores and a large wholesale bz.Some of my customers include khols tj maxx walmart.all were telling me that may was the worst month they have had since 2007.I would be shocked to see the numbers come out ok.My bet is they will be way off from whats expected

    • Whatever they are, all you need to know is to ask yourself: "Self, what did I buy that I really didn't NEED recently?"

      Today, I was at Walmart, and bought some new undies, sunblock, face cream, and wine. $31, and the best prices for the quality of the products I can find. I made it a point to go there. A Lady in line ahead of me wrote a personal check for her purchases in the Express Lane, and for some reason there was an issue, the Cashier had to fuss around, ask another employee for assistance, check the Woman's ID, etc.

      I stepped over to the next lane, as I saw the Cashier appeared to be finishing up with her current Customer, and there was no line.

      I placed my basket up on the counter, and she said: "I'm Closed."

      I replied, something to the effect of: She has an issue in that lane, can't you serve me?

      "I'm Sorry. I'm Closed," she said.

      I replied: "And I am too."

      I'd already waited about 5 minutes in the Express line, and then to have her tell me she was closed, when there was an obvious issue in the Express Lane, and I was next in line was very poor customer service.

      Fortunately, I found another lane, had to wait maybe another 2 minutes, and was served and treated well by that Cashier. I understand that employees have scheduled breaks, and hours for which they are paid, and not another penny.

      Customer Service, and serving your customers goes much farther, than leaving a bad experience in the eye of someone who had already waited a rather long line in an Express line.

      I thought about leaving the entire basket on the floor, and walking out with the items I wanted. But it was out of my way to go there in the first place, and a couple of the items I really need, like the sunblock.

    • markets are sitting on the 50 day moving average.

      At support.

      If they come in better than expected, it probably won't be that much better than expected.

      If it's not a great number, and the rate on the ten year treasury is rising, forget about it, going down.

      If the number sucks, going down.

      It needs to be a blow out for anyone hoping for bullish action.

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