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  • l0000000l123 l0000000l123 Jun 25, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

    Attention Permabears - The world is not ending

    This is exactly what Bernanke wanted, a panic reaction to the taper comments. A little shock to the system to let the big boys know who REALLY is in charge. The FED.

    No WAY does Bernanke Taper while China's banking system collapses. No WAY does Bernnake Taper when the yeilds are rising uncontrollably.

    All the perma-bears were played as fools, Go back to the 2011 market correction, it was the SAME EXACT thing....the bears were even more annoying back then....look what happened to them.

    Be a patriot and buy the SPY you fools!

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    • well then, go ahead and bet AGAINST the world ending the rest of this week if you're so sure.... bottom line: market don't care what YOU OR I think... and by the way, I'm pretty sure BB expected a market selloff because he said as much before Congress, he's only worred about HOW MUCH... like I've posted many times, he needs to be able to ring the register for himself and his banking buds, BUT he also doesn't want the criminality of his actions to become too obvious and destroy the economy entirely.....

      kinda stuck between a rock and a proverbial hard place, ya know? So, IMO, we should have a daily post entitled: "What is Ben doing RIGHT now?" should be fun and insightful.

    • Yeah, we know the world's not ending, it's just that the markets have a lot more selling ahead. Nothing apocalyptal...

    • i don"t think bernanke wants prices to rise much anymore ,he know it becoming silly,dangerous,lots of stupid money long now.

    • ahhh yes the nikkei ,a stable stallworth of the financial world leading the world to growth and stability .
      your correct again world probably not ending tonight,but night still young ,it may crash in wee hours of the night as you sleep ,crash ,nikkie down 10000 plus...or maybe just 6 % or so

    • The Roman Empire ended in financial collapse. So did the British Empire. The Spanish Empire. The French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (several), Ottoman, German (many times), and we will, too. We practice the same unsustainable shenans all do, power above economic sustainability, business on predatory terms, disrespect for citizens rights, justice for sale, concentration of wealth, sending citizens to their death in economic wars for the wealthy, using power to take what you want without regard.

    • bplloyd Jun 25, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

      That doesn't even make sense considering the only thing anybody has said for a couple years is "don't fight the Fed". Everybody already knew they were in charge!

    • Attention Dip buyer, your going to get hurt. Todays low volume rebound is just what the short doctor ordered, hopefully another day of weak buying happens tomorrow so I can set my shorts once again. Today was so obvious even a blind man saw it coming.

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