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  • updownbuysell updownbuysell Jul 2, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    Obama Care turns into a Theory like FEDS QE1,2,3,etc. Obama care will be delayed forever!

    Wait till next year same excuse. Walmart must have pulled democratic funding.....

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    • It was Nixon who first proposed Universal Health Care in 1974.

      Are the future benefactors striking it rich though Obamacare,
      in the Insurance, Medical, Drug, Manufacturing and other industries,
      some of which had been given major concessions to agree to it,
      all Democratic ?

      Seems more to me to be a non partisan, politburo squeezing of one of the nations
      last productive zits ; ma and pa taxpayer.

      Everyone else one way or another,who is able,will be declared exempt,or will simply not pay.
      Just like the rest of the in crowd.
      Everyone except ma and pa taxpaying peons of course.

      Meanwhile, of course, they'll play keep away tossing partisanship back and forth
      over everybody's heads.

    • Yet another idiotic idea created by government that will wind up costing 3x more than they told us it would and every employer in the country is running overseas or reducing full time staff. now Obama finally sees that his socialism is killing the economy. This will get delayed once more just in time to make it the hottest topic for the 2016 election. The next President who will be a Republican for sure along with full control of the Congress and Senate will dump Obamacare within a week of taking office and every corporation in the nation will support any candidate who vows to strike it down. The entire clan that passed it will be voted out of office. Just wait until the 2014 elections when Democrats are ousted left and right. by 2016 Democrats will be powerless.

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      • I wish the general public was required to read any reputable basic economics text. Maybe it would finally be understood that free markets work better than socialism, communism, subsidized housing, subsidized anything...etc. I could go on for hours. People grasp an idea and form a childish hope on the outcome when years/decades/centuries of facts have PROVEN they don't work. My god. It's frustrating and I couldn't agree with you more.

    • If I recall correctly, cos. such as MCD's were given some sorta "Exemption," which didn't sound quite right at the time, and is now just another example of this now announced "delay."

      He'll be out, before it's invoked.

      Egypt on the TV should give you a clue.

      We Americans don't want another Tax on our heads, and hitting our wallets.

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