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  • eaglerivr1 eaglerivr1 Jul 11, 2013 9:19 AM Flag

    riddle me this fella's ?

    m2 money supply been heading down like a rock,as qe infinity adds 85 b per month ......
    so as ben stated yesterday more of the same is needed as to grow economy but most importantly worried that 1% inflation is a killer,now i"m now princeton economist but with that much qe for years now and m2 dropping fast n hard more qe is not the problem,the money is their and at this point most same people would worry that hyperinflation is future threat.
    fed has balls of steal and pitch black souls to pull this over for so long,and most disturbing is msm,traders,econmist,managers, no one mentions except for so called doomers that gains one percent inflation is a easy as finding a starbucks on a main road within 10 minutes.....complete and utter fed fraud......folks somthing is seriously wrong here,seriously.
    instead of letting economy use cash for creative economic purposes,atleast some to start,they (fed) prefer bank hoard n trade is their ,more is not needed to spark economies,but it seems like banks and bond yields calling the shots......its a massive web

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