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  • boonie588 boonie588 Jul 11, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    So WHO Predicted this and how did they do it?

    If people analyzing fundamental economic data are so important in figuring out where the market is going, where are the quotes from these supposed experts from back on 6/24? Let's READ what they used to predict this rally, if it exists.

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    • Commonly ignorant common sense is saying this is a response to the Fed comments yesterday. If that's true, why didn't the rally happen yesterday? You want me to believe that professionals with the MOST money at stake and most money to gainand the MOST TO INVEST spent TWO HOURS yesterday after the comments scratching their heads, then had to sleep on it, and THEN started to push the market higher today?

      See how stupid it sounds? See how little sense it makes?

      Maybe it's because the reasons behind a market move are simply made up by people who have INVENTED a job for themselves by selling stock market stories to an ignorant public? It's a public they want to KEEP ignorant and captive by their own ignorance. As soon as numbers and calculations are required, millions of potential viewers and ad revenue is lost. Heaven forbid individual investors/traders feel confident about a passive strategy they understand.

    • It not a market. It's a "Cash Extraction System" They know all positions and it's taken wherever desired to extract the most $. Taking money is the business model of WS.

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