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  • paularoseimages paularoseimages Jul 20, 2013 9:45 PM Flag

    For all those who are blowin' smoke on Global Warming,

    There were many places, in many countries across the globe which experienced Record Low Temps last winter.

    Just the Facts, so don't boil the dinosaur meat past rare.

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    • 98.5% of all the world's climate experts agree that global warming is a fact (guess who pays off the remaining 1% to deny it?)... there are libraries full of scientific data clearly providing the evidence... the only thing that is under question is what PERCENTAGE of G.W. is contributed by humans vs. normal planetary activities? The evidence here also suggests it is not an insignificant amount.

      At this point, only the most uneducated portion of the public (which is most everybody) argue that human activities--specifically, those involving some form of combustion reactions, which is our primary source of producing energy--do not contribute significantly to GW.

      Pointing out that because record low temp's were recorded across the country implies GW is a myth is completely ignorant. This is even worse than saying because the stock market had a 3% correction, it must be a new bear market... GW does not mean the world is supposed to get hotter everywhere, every single day.

      Science is not an opinion poll, and it cannot be denied merely by a priori reasoning.

    • Global Swarming: "the massive & forced integration of foreign species upon (formerly) anglo lands"

      Man Made or Coincidental ?

      which one of you geniuses knows ?

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