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  • tydurban tydurban Jul 20, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

    Global cooling.

    Is what we need to be concerned about. The earth warms and cools with the suns solar cycles which can last in the decades.

    Rings in ancient trees (esp sequoia trees) confirm this.

    We will be entering another mini ice age like the one we had in the 1400's.

    What I find compelling is that with the last two super volcano eruptions over the last few centuries the earth warmed almost 3 degrees in the year after them. Thats considerably more than the global warming alarmists have prognosticated for fossil fuel burning and there is zero evidence that it caused any type of harm to earth and its ecosystems.

    Global warming in an alarmist scam advanced by the likes of the UN and other greedy organizations. Carbon credits, cap and trade LMFAO!

    I love the before and after pictures these idiots try and push on the public. For chrissakes Niagra falls was a barren dry mass in the 1800's.

    Al Gore's video was awesome, he spent the entire time talking about himself and the dangers of carbon fuel pollution.....yet in the video he was driving a Ford Excursion, the largest most fuel burning civilian truck you could possibly buy that year! LMFAOx10000!

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    • Global warming is a fact. PERIOD. We can debate the significance of how much a detriment it has been to the global ecosystem--and, my current opinion is it has not been signficant so far--but the fact that combustion reactions create greenhouse gases that accumulate over time is just that: A FACT.

      Who cares about a few percentage point change in atmospheric greenhouse levels? Well, let's put it this way, the pH of your blood is approximately 7.4... if it drops below 7, you are DEAD. PERIOD. Don't believe me? I invite you to experiment on yourself (in fact, I kinda look forward to it)... when you are near an inflection point in anything, it only takes a minute change to shift momentum to the opposite direction. This is basic physics. Basic calculus, actually.

      Are we near an inflection point from an atmospheric standpoint? I'll leave that to my friends in the field to answer, but what is logical is that we should not be pressing the accelerator to get to that inflection point. Are most of these GW talking heads doing it for the hype and to push a political agenda? Probably, but it still does not change the fact that fundamentally, GW is a real and growing problem, and we should be doing what we can to control greenhouse emissions.

      In the adjacent research lab next to mine, a group is working on a collaborative project to develop materials that can sequester CO2. They have developed a proof of concept that was published recently in arguably the most respected scientific publication in the world, Nature (I can provide you a copy of the journal article if you are interested, but I can tell you now it is beyond the level at which you or probably anyone on these boards is able to comprehend)... the point is, scientists know there is a problem and are working on creating solutions.

      GW is a REAL and growing problem, and it is a shame that many of the people talking about it in the MSM clearly have their own political agendas.

    • I'm not a Scientist, so my comments and predictions will be determined as backwater hich.

      Y'all come back now, ya hear?

    • What's happening Zedo, I mean, Tyler, good to see an honest and intelligent being on the board.

      Ok, question for you then "Tyler", what explains Global Swarming;
      Is it man made or coincidence ?

      what say you ?


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