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  • john11cv john11cv Aug 2, 2013 3:41 AM Flag


    Markets no longer "fluctuate" because ben bernanke has lit a "fire storm" of optimism that is now fueling wall street to daily high after daily high. and this will never stop, not even after bernanke leaves. and, he doesn't want to take blame for destroying free market capitalism. there's nothing free to this market and nothing that is not "manipulated" in today's markets. haven't you noticed? ... Every night the overnight futures are up one or two points, sometimes a halp point up, other times more than all the above....but never are the overnight futures pointing to a lower open for more than a few minutes here or there. and, this has go on since the launching of qe twist and ultimately qe infitiy where we are today. there is no tapering coming. forget about it! never!!! It's just a lame effort by bernanke to put some fear into stocks and to correct an already massively over hyped and over bought stock market. but it's not working, and stocks just laugh in bernanke's face and push higher buy the hundreds of points. can you believe that the s & p 500 was at 1050 just a couple years ago? oh my god!!!! it's up 70+% in just a couple years. wholy krappers batman, those are some wildly exagerated numbers as to enthusiasm over a 14% unemployment in the united states (ie-"real unemployment rate". and, a 1.7 to 2% gdp rate of growth. it's mild at best. barely above the flatline. and, stocks are up over 70% in just 2 years. lol!!!! who want's to buy the parabolic push!!!??? Because we are now in the final phase, believe it. 90% bullish sentiment is everywhere....aaii, money managers, financial analysts, ....everywhere. so jump on board this gravy train folks, it's going to go on forever!!!

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