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  • fed_up_c_ws fed_up_c_ws Aug 2, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Has the BIG LIE ever been more transparent?

    Wall St is in big time distribution mode even as their analysts pound the airwaves with prognostications of S&P 1800 and Dow 20,000. The funny thing is the thin volume is exposing their lie in a way never seen before; the markets hang at all time highs despite a continuous stream of horrendous economic news, which is constantly spun positive by the lame stream media (does anymore listen to CNBC anymore?), waiting for the sheople to step and buy these horrendously overpriced equities. PLEASE people, dont be a sheople, unless you are a trader dont buy equities now, they can only go down from here (dont believe the hype about a new bull market). Although the FED has managed to reflate the asset bubble from 2007, we are still in a secular bear market that started in 2000 and are headed for serious capitulation, which will be much worse than it would have been without FED Keynesian policy. No country or government has ever printed its way to prosperity, if it were possible why not do it all the time? PLEASE, DONT BE a BAGHOLDER for the scummy banksters, smart money is moving to cash NOW and will start buying fixed income as interest rates inevitably

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    • Listen, I can hear it ... you are attractive, you make wise decisions, people like you, you will be successful, your parents are proud of your accomplishments, your co-workers appreciate you, women want to spend time around you, you have a bright future, buy something today - you deserve it, you've earn much through hard work, you're efforts are noticed, reward yourself - buy something you've wanted too, everything will be okay, you are safe, you're family loves you. there's nothing for you to really worry about.

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    • "No country or government has ever printed its way to prosperity"

      What? Did you do a copy and paste from one of those goldbugs sites? The US is a country and a government that printed its way to prosperity. You think debt is a problem? If the government can control the flow of money it isn't.

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      • Im not a gold bug and I love my country. I wish things were different. There are no good investment choices anymore, the risk of buying equities at this juncture far outweighs the reward. If you buy equities you are buying into the promise of a new bull market economy, but all the evidence points to the contrary. The real threat is deflation and the FED know its. In the current economic environment stocks should be trading at single digit multiples, not climbing towards 20. The cyclical bull market since 2009 is all due to cheap money, and what are corporations doing with it - buying back shares and returning the money to shareholders (while enriching senior executives), hardly a formula for growth. EPS are up marginally due to buybacks but revenues continue to shrink.

      • Control the flow of money? Hardly-Money Velocity just hit an all-time low going all the way back to the 1950's in the data set.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • No previous Empire in the history of mankind is in existence today and neither will this one. The common fact, they all failed because of DEBT.

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