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  • jpiggoingdownhel jpiggoingdownhel Aug 11, 2013 11:40 PM Flag

    Will futures ever open down -10 ever again?

    Seems like there is a rule for overnight futures - no downticks allowed.

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    • Oh...I have a sneaking feeling that they will...very, very soon. Like, hours. ;)

    • This is the problem with the bailouts, and continue to be. Qe's are really nothing more, and the fed and banks operate in concert. With the gotten money, they have installed their own people into all foreign markets and a la goldman trading desks and of them, have used the ex's to get more of their people and on the regulation side to have no problems with controlling the futures markets that really effect ours towards the closing of each day. They want to take ALL money that comes in on the short side through their derivatives contracts, which at the end of the year pay the most money. In the form of bonuses, to their exec vp's, which there are at least 400k here in the use with the top 4 banks and worldwide are at least in the millions. They get an average bonus and compentation of 5m a piece. That is a huge chunk of change, and in order to get it, they have to manipulate the markets. They wanted out of the loan businesses, for the most part and to get into trading, and take what the floor traders and hedge funds had within the volatility sector. This in the end, establishes the world wide singular economy, that the banks have wanted for decades. Another example would be a company like ford and gm, and ge had huge trading operations and their own floors in the past to make extra money for themselves and to hedge the economy. They really don't have them anymore, and effectively, they were driven out of business by the banks who in the end, do not want any individuals to have a major say in world economies or policy. That is now completely in their hands, and what socialism is really all about.

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