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  • wintrades2 wintrades2 Aug 29, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    It's very sad that this woman on TV


    makes $8.25 an hour after 10 years at McDonald's in Chicago, & Walmart even worse (have boycotted them for years)-this is BS in my opinion. When I was 16 worked at the supermarket (union work), almost 50 years ago and made much more than $15. adjusted for inflation-our economy is a mess and Bubble Ben is just playing games! Know of many 50 plus years old higher income unemployed (up to 200k for one) who can't find a job ,and are trying very hard! The Gap between the 1%' ers and the rest (including retirees) is getting ever wider-and all the Fed does is jack up the stock market ( 90% have very little invested even in their 401k's & many out of work have cashed them out) and at least think that Timothy Franz Geithner realizes that, and hopefully he will spread the word!

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    • She should take every penny she can save and put it into TSLA.

      Next thing you know she'll be on CNBC: "Story of the Burger flipper who became a millionaire by betting on the Electric Car."

      A few years later she'll be on Wall Street, working at GS.

      That must have been what they meant when they coined the phrase The American Dream.

    • Well I am ready to concede some . The best burger at McD and it sells for 1.00 is the McDouble , they hide it on the small menu in the corner , 2 patties + cheese for 1.00 ? I honestly don't know how that can be done?
      But lets make it 1.10 and bring them up to 8.50 . There are a few more items that could be raised . I think the difficulty is McD has too big a menu now and service is slow. Take a few of the dogs off the menu , fire the extra workers and give the rest 9.00 .
      What I am saying here is the company will find away around this like obamacare and the little people will hurt more.

    • I worked in a grocery store too... made $8.25/hr my senior year of high school 25 years ago!! I also bought a brand new 1988 Pontiac Sunbird that year for just under 10K. What a difference 25 years makes. What will another 25 do??

    • Any one earning 200K and not investing for their future has no one to blame but themselves for having lived beyond their means, and not providing a reserve if their salary should suddenly be terminated. 50 Years ago the 60's, what union supper market was paying, an inflation adjusted, $15 an hour? Had an uncle, was a butcher, a skilled profession; at a union super market, was making about $4.50 an hour.

    • Even McDonalds gives raises based on performance, quality of work, attendance, appearance, etc. Hmmmmm, let's see, wonder why she might STILL be making $8.25 after 10 years? Most folks that have to work at McD's for more than a couple of years end up as shift managers, etc. They actually have an entire career progression program, for those who choose to make McD a career -- check the facts, but many McD franchise owners started out ..... making $8.25 an hour. Course they a bit more on the ball and probably weren't still at that rate after 10 years. Just guessin'.....

    • then you will start whining how can they charge 11.00 for a burger trio .

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