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  • trollalert2013 trollalert2013 Aug 31, 2013 12:27 PM Flag

    Ex-Bush Officials Love Obama’s Unilateralism on Syria

    The president is signaling he’s willing to go it alone, and that’s won him some new admirers: the Bush officials who went to war with Iraq absent a second U.N. resolution. President Obama’s pending decision about entering the Syrian civil war has already earned a rebuke from London after the British Parliament rejected a war resolution on Thursday. But the White House’s signal that it is willing to bomb Syria without approval from the U.N. Security Council and even its closest ally has also earned it new friends who worked for the president he succeeded.

    Many former officials from the George W. Bush administration have discovered new respect for Obama’s recent embrace of American unilateralism after the suspected chemical-weapons attack last week in a suburb of Damascus. “I absolutely congratulate President Obama for finally realizing that our U.N. allies are nothing more than a bunch of dithering, yellow-bellied, Chardonnay-sipping cowards,” said Mark Corallo, the former spokesman for the Justice Department in Bush’s first term. “I further congratulate him for finally growing up and understanding that there are bad people in the world and sometimes they earn, by their evil, the action of a great superpower. So yippee-kai-ay, cowboy.”

    Ari Fleischer, who was the Bush White House spokesman during the Iraq War, was slightly more tempered in his praise for Obama. “When it comes to Obama’s anti-terrorism policy, whether it’s drone strikes, indefinite detention which continues, secret renditions which continue, or a determination to enforce a red line in Syria, I support President Obama. I just wish he wasn’t such a hypocrite in how he criticized George Bush in doing the very things he’s doing.”

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