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  • pud_devil pud_devil Sep 20, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Newest issue of Ntl Geographic...glaciers retreating (man caused warming) muslim child brides, the horror of gold mining slaves...

    If you have a conscience you cannot turn your back on these things...

    1. religion poisons everything...Islam is the greatest threat and affront to humanity
    2. gold "stackers" who hoard the rock are directly responsible for child slavery and death across the world
    3. man made climate change endangers everything...

    Read this issue...outstanding photography special along with these articles

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    • man made climate change endangers everything..."

      I think there are those who will blame god . Who else could allow some humans to display such infinite stupidity

      "There are two things that are infinite
      The universe and human stupidity
      and I am not certain about the first."

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