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  • xtgeminiman Sep 23, 2013 8:04 AM Flag

    Quick Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Poll: Do You Approve Of What Ben Has Done?

    Thumbs up=approve
    Thumbs down=disapprove

    My vote would be thumbs down.

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    • that would be a stupid myopic vote. you have to ask the question..."what would the world look like today if he hadn't done what he did"....this world situation is not his's your the fat fuq american consumer who wants ez credit to buy stuff with, who wants cheap gas, who wants free stuff....there is no one scapegoat for what has transpired and what's to come...there is blame galore to go around..not the least of which is the system itself...the money as debt system that demands more credit and consumption year in and year out at interest. It is not so simple to blame bernanke excep that he is the poster child for the system.

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